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Maduro is ready to “respectfully” talk to Trump when “necessary”

June 23, 2020

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro replied to his counterpart Donald Trump’s words on Monday about a possible dialogue, assuring that, if “necessary”, he was also willing to “speak respectfully”.

Maduro said that when he met with then Vice President of the United States Joe Biden in 2015, he would also meet with Trump and highlighted the warmth of spirit that prevailed during that meeting. In contrast, the alleged Democratic Party candidate for the White House describes the President of Venezuela on Twitter as a “thief” and “dictator”.

“My answer is: just when I met Biden and we had a thorough and respectful conversation about what was recorded at the time, I am also ready to speak to President Donald Trump if necessary,” he said.

Maduro is ready to “respectfully” talk to Trump when “necessary”Maduro is ready to “respectfully” talk to Trump when “necessary”

The 2015 meeting with Biden, to which Maduro referred, corresponds to the furnishing ceremony of the then Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.