Maduro and Rodríguez accuse the opposition of funding armed groups in Caracas

Guaidó calls the allegations “theater” and points out that they are a “justification” of the reality in Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and the President of the country’s National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, accused this Tuesday of funding armed groups operating in popular areas of Caracas.

First of all, Rodríguez said that he would soon present evidence linking the opposition to armed groups. “It is no coincidence that people from Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó visit these criminal gangs and donate money,” Rodríguez said in a meeting gathered by the Venezuelan media.

Maduro and Rodríguez accuse the opposition of funding armed groups in Caracas
Maduro and Rodríguez accuse the opposition of funding armed groups in Caracas

“In the next few days, they will know that they will see photos and videos of Melandros, but Melandros from Voluntad Popular who are distributing dollars in Caracas,” he added.

After these statements, Maduro publicly denounced the funding of criminal organizations by opponents. “They are investing a lot of money in buying criminal gangs and creating violence in the neighborhoods,” he said, according to a statement from the country’s press ministry.

For his part, the oppositionist Juan Guaidó has announced on his Twitter account that he is in Caracas this Tuesday and is looking for support for his negotiation proposal with the government of Nicolás Maduro, which he has described as the National Salvation Agreement, in view of the next elections 11/21

“Our job is to save Venezuela. Our job is to reunite all sectors to apply pressure and force a national salvation agreement, ”he said.

A few hours later, he responded to these allegations, calling them Maduro’s “absurd theater to justify failure” in front of Venezuela’s reality. For the opponent, this reality is that the government “does not control the gangs they set up” and that “the prisoners control the prisons”.

He has also pointed out that the FARC dissidents kidnapped Venezuelan military personnel “for the first time in history” and took the opportunity to ask where one of the first swords of the disbanded FARC was found, Luciano Marín Arango aka ‘Iván Marquez ‘.

Maduro, although he initially assured that Guaidó was seeking dialogue because he was “isolated and defeated”, initially excluding a possible negotiation, he later said he was “ready” to meet the opposition, with the support of the EU, Norway and the contact group.

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