Macron rules out mass lockdown in France for “collateral damage”

French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken out in favor of selective measures to contain possible risks in the coronavirus pandemic, believing that a new general closure would result in “collateral damage” across the country that would be “significant”.

The French president said in an interview with Paris-Match magazine that the government now has “localized strategies”, as has happened in Mayenne, where one of the worst outbreaks has occurred since de-escalation began.

So Macron has not ruled out the possibility of re-narrowing some areas “if the situation so requires”, but has ruled out a move similar to that in March. “We cannot stop the country because the collateral damage from detention is substantial,” he warned.

Macron rules out mass lockdown in France for “collateral damage”
Macron rules out mass lockdown in France for “collateral damage”

The President has admitted that there is a “legitimate fear” of “an entirely new epidemiological phenomenon” among the population, but has called for a response “without falling into the zero risk doctrine”. While waiting for a vaccine, he has campaigned for increased testing, tracking and isolation of potential cases, while “preventing” infections, for example with a mask.

The French Ministry of Health warned on Wednesday that coronavirus transmission “increased” after it added 3,376 new cases of coronavirus, resulting in a full increase in intensive care unit admissions. The number of positives is the highest in more than three months.

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