Macron presents a 30 billion euro plan to “reindustrialize” France

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, presented on Tuesday a 30,000 million euro industrial and technology plan aimed at “re-industrializing” the country, “finding the way to independence from France and the European Union (EU) “and” to answer “. on the great challenges of our time “.

In an almost two-hour intervention, Macron detailed the challenges that await France in the coming years, including climate change, the demographic challenge, the pressures of large migrations and inequalities accelerated by the “disruption” of the global economy. “The crisis that we have just experienced has only exacerbated these major challenges,” he emphasized.

Macron presents a 30 billion euro plan to “reindustrialize” France
Macron presents a 30 billion euro plan to “reindustrialize” France

Macron has stated in detail that he is keen to re-industrialize France so that it “becomes a great nation of innovation and production again” and, in his opinion, investing the plan should allow “to overcome the weaknesses of the French model” , including the low investment in research.

He has also referred to “improving the efficiency of social spending” and implementing “reforms to produce more and find the common denominator of the pair of innovation and production”. “We must now pursue a strategy that enables us to innovate, produce, export and finance our social model”, he argued, before emphasizing “in which sectors” Paris “could be a pioneer”.

He also pointed out that there were sectors where France was lagging behind, which was “a threat”. “We can’t let them down,” he riveted.

The plan, known as “France 2030” and taken up by “Le Figaro”, envisages investing one billion euros in nuclear energy so that in 2030 the country will become the “leader in green hydrogen”, the decarbonisation of industry and production two million electric and hybrid vehicles.

On the other hand, Macron has also announced that France will produce the first low-carbon aircraft by 2030, accelerate the robotization and digitization of agriculture, and manufacture 20 biopharmaceuticals for cancer.

The plan also aims to put France “at the forefront of protecting cultural and creative content”, including investing in space conquest and the exploration of the seabed.

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