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Macron lays the groundwork for a “weeks” meeting between Trump and Rohani

August 26, 2019

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has announced efforts so that, “in the coming weeks”, there may be a meeting between the president of Iran, Hasan Rohani, and the president of the United States, Donald Trump, although the latter has qualified that this meeting will only take place “if the conditions are correct”.

“For us there are two very important things: Iran can never have nuclear weapons and the situation cannot threaten the stability of the region,” said Macron in a press conference with Trump, with whom he has seen in the framework of the G7 summit held in the gala town of Biarritz.

Iran has been one of the topics that has marked the summit, among other reasons for the unexpected visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif, in full political debate over the continuity or revision of the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 and that Trump continues to cross out of “ridiculous”.

Trump has made it clear that he was aware of Zarif's visit and that he was informed of all the details about it, something that Macron has also confirmed. The French president, questioned in case he asked Trump for permission, explained that he “informed” his counterpart of the visit when he understood that it would be “a good idea.”

Macron hopes that “in the coming weeks” can continue advancing in this line of distension and close a “summit” between Rohani and Trump, although he has avoided giving details about it. Both leaders will attend in principle the session of the United Nations General Assembly that will take place in New York in the second half of September.

Trump is willing “if the circumstances are correct” and, although he has insisted that he would never have signed the 2015 agreement – driven by his predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama – has “good feelings” about the possibility of Achieve some kind of agreement.

For Trump, the red lines go through ensuring that Iran does not obtain atomic weaponry, ending the ballistic missile tests and extending the obligations of a hypothetical agreement “to a longer period of time.” Iran, Trump added, has “enormous potential” and “can be a great nation,” but “cannot have nuclear weapons.”

As for a possible US compensation to Iran for the sanctions, Trump has closed in this option. “No. We're not going to pay. We don't pay,” he has riveted.

However, it has pointed to the possibility of opening credit lines from third countries. “They may need money to put the odd patch. If they need money, oil can be the guarantee and for me it is a great security … and they have a lot of oil. If the guarantee is oil, you can talk about a letter of credit. There are many countries, many willing countries, “he explained.