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Macron announces a G7 pact to send 20 million euros to the countries of the Amazon

August 26, 2019


The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has announced an agreement of the G7 countries to give the countries of the Amazon an aid of 20 million euros to contribute to the fight against fire, since “the loss of the main lung of the planet is a worldwide problem. ”

“No one can say that it does not concern him,” said Macron, who has taken a leading position in this matter at the cost of fighting a political pulse with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro, who has even fallen on the personal ground in his criticism .

The French president, who has appeared before the media in the framework of the G7 summit in Biarritz, has also confirmed that he follows with “much attention” the fires that affect several countries of sub-Saharan Africa, “mainly” Democratic Republic of the Congo, and has raised the possibility of launching a “similar initiative” to the one announced for the Amazon.

The environmental issue, however, has not been without controversy at the summit, which has hosted a meeting on the weather this Monday morning that the president of the United States, Donald Trump has not attended. Macron has justified this absence on the grounds that it coincided with bilateral meetings.