Macron and Scholz confirm their readiness to go “in the same direction”

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz and France’s President Emmanuel Macron this Friday affirmed the good harmony between their respective governments after the recent changes in Berlin and are confident that they can go “in the same direction” together. on both bilateral and European issues.

Scholz launched his international agenda in Paris, which also includes a stopover in Brussels this Friday. Together with Macron, he hopes not only to make Europe “strong”, but also to strengthen ties on economic, security and foreign policy issues.

“It is important that we go in the same direction, that we work together,” said Angela Merkel’s successor in the Federal Chancellery. Although he recognized that it was a “friendly visit” to France, he saw it as necessary to move forward “immediately” into “very specific” issues that had to be dealt with “in the near future”.

Macron and Scholz confirm their readiness to go “in the same direction”
Macron and Scholz confirm their readiness to go “in the same direction”

Macron, who has maintained good relations with Merkel for years despite differences on topics such as energy, also agrees that France and Italy must “work together” for which they have put challenges such as climate change, digitization or migration on the table.

On this last point, the French President has already made it clear that he wants to make progress in protecting the external borders and at the same time reorganizing the European asylum system, for which he would like to use the rotating EU Council Presidency, which France will take over in the first half of 2022.

At the international level, Macron and Scholz agree to view the growing tensions around Ukraine due to the Russian military reinforcement at the border “with concern”, said the German Chancellor, who immediately stressed “the inviolability of European borders”.

With regard to China, Macron has reiterated that the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics makes no sense, while Scholz has hinted that there is no decision on the matter. “We are trying to talk to other governments because we want to proceed in a coordinated manner,” said the new German head of state.

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