Macron and Harris point to a “new era” in which US-French cooperation is “crucial”

French President Emmanuel Macron and Vice-President of the United States, Kamala Harris, pointed this Wednesday to the “beginning of a new era” in which cooperation between countries is “absolutely crucial”.

Macron received Harris at the Elysee Palace as part of an official visit following the meeting between the President and his US counterpart Joe Biden a few days ago in Rome following the diplomatic crisis over the trilateral agreement between Australia, Great Britain and the United States (AUCUS) which led to the abrupt termination of a multi-million dollar Paris contract with Canberra for the manufacture of French-designed submarines.

“You are more than welcome, not only in this palace with me and my ministers, but I can tell you that the French are very proud to have you here,” said the President in a speech.

Macron and Harris point to a “new era” in which US-French cooperation is “crucial”
Macron and Harris point to a “new era” in which US-French cooperation is “crucial”

For his part, Harris stressed that Paris and Washington “not only share a common history, but also a perspective on where we are now and where we can go in terms of the work we are doing and will continue to do as partners together,” said Harris the White House reported in a press release.

“We talked about the fact that I actually believe and I believe that we share this conviction that we are at the beginning of a new era that offers us many challenges, but also many opportunities,” he continued, saying that both countries ” have worked together in these situations and have had “great success” due to “shared values ​​and priorities”.

The Vice President of the United States has insisted that the joint work at this moment is “motivated by the tragedy of this pandemic” and “motivated by a common commitment to prepare for the next pandemic”. In addition, he has pointed to the “mutual desire” to “lead the world in order to support sister nations in these tragic times”.

So both of them held a closed meeting
which continued to address issues such as the United States’ “Commitment to Further Deepen Coordination and Cooperation on a Range of Global Challenges”, from transatlantic security to the Indo-Pacific and Sahel.

On the other hand, the Vice President thanked Macron for “his guidance” in convening the heads of state and government for the Paris Peace Forum and the Paris Libya Conference.

Harris also stated that he had agreed with Macron to establish a “global dialogue” to highlight 60 years of cooperation between countries in space and the growing importance of this cooperation for “citizens around the world”. between the United States and France to “enhance civil, commercial and national cooperation in space security”.

They also discussed the need for “continuous collaboration and concrete action” to set standards for new technologies and strengthen preparedness for future pandemics.

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