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Macri proposes to eliminate single-use plastics and neutralize carbon emissions in Argentina

October 6, 2019


The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, has proposed this Saturday during a campaign act to eliminate single-use plastics and neutralize carbon emissions in the country, within the framework of his “Yes, It Can” campaign with which he seeks the re-election in the elections that will be held on October 27.

Thus, Macri stressed that in 2015 Argentina signed the Paris Agreement to deal with climate change. However, the Argentine president believes that the country has to set “more ambitious goals” and “grow sustainably.”

To this end, he has proposed a series of measures such as managing to bring net carbon emissions before 2050 or eliminating single-use plastics before 2025. “We are going to eliminate microplastics in cosmetics and hygiene and gradually reduce single-use plastics For example, sorbets, glasses, dishes and cutlery, “he explained through the social network Twitter.

The Argentine president has celebrated this Saturday a new campaign event in Mendoza, where he has met with Governor Alfredo Cornejo who, in recent days, has strongly criticized the presidential candidate of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández, whom he has accused of committing “stupidity” when trying to nationalize the local campaign. He also pointed to Kirchnerism: “They return worse than before.”

During this act, Macri has assured that Argentina “is better than four years ago” and has promised a new stage of “growth and improvement at the end of the month in your pocket”, as reported by the Argentine newspaper 'Clarín'.

“We believe that there is a better Argentina for everyone and that it is much closer than we can see today. We all know that these last times have been difficult, especially this last year and a half. And we know that the middle class has taken over the greater effort. I want to tell you that I listened to you, that I understood, that I took note. Now something else is coming, “he said.

He has also called for participation to achieve “having the same participation or greater than that of 1983”. “We have to have a record of participation. We will all monitor and take care of our vote in each school, at each table. To work these remaining weeks and to tell everyone that you can, that you can always,” he added.

The Argentine president began last Saturday his campaign for reelection in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Bengrano with the conviction that “this election can be turned around”. The campaign is marked by the clear victory of the justicialista candidate, Alberto Fernández, in the primaries held on August 11.