MacKenzie Scott marries a science teacher in Seattle

MacKenzie ScottAs a philanthropist, writer and one of the richest people in the world, he got married Dan Jewett, a science teacher in Seattle. This information was made public after the scientist referenced it in a letter posted on the Giving Pledge website.

An excerpt from the letter in which Jewett states that he feels obliged to “give away most of his fortune” refers to the philanthropic adage, “And now, in a happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most generous people and kind people that I know and have joined her in sharing tremendous financial wealth to serve others. ”

MacKenzie Scott marries a science teacher in Seattle
MacKenzie Scott marries a science teacher in Seattle

In the letter, Jewett thanks those who have guided him on this journey and concludes by saying, “I look forward to the growth and learning that I have before me as part of this company with MacKenzie.”

This letter was published one day later on Saturday, March 6th, 2021 The Wall Street Journal reported on Scott’s marriage.

MacKenzie Scott was married to Jeff BezosAfter the divorce, the writer received 4% of the shares in the e-commerce company. Since then she has devoted herself to philanthropy and donates more than 4 billion of her fortune.

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Does Bezos have anything to say about it?

MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos divorced in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. Image: GettyImages

In accordance with The Wall Street JournalIn a statement from an Amazon spokesman, the billionaire stated, “Dan is a great guy and I’m happy and excited for both of them.”

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