Lysol kills coronavirus on surfaces: tests in the USA

According to the EPA, Lysol sprays kill SARSCov2 on non-porous surfaces in two minutes.

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Lysol kills coronavirus on surfaces: tests in the USA
Lysol kills coronavirus on surfaces: tests in the USA

2020 was not a bad year for everyone. Cleaning companies posted record sales worldwide as stores were overcrowded to search for their products to prevent the SARSCov2 corona virus from spreading. As a result, spray or wipe disinfectants are either generally out of stock or only sold in parts in supermarkets.

Don’t expect these products to be easier to find in the next few days, as laboratory tests by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have shown which brands are effective against the new corona virus.

The EPA published the List N of 431 disinfectants This has been shown to be effective in killing other more resistant viruses and similar viruses SARS-CoV-2but as such, they had not been confronted with the corona virus responsible for the pandemic COVID-19. Brands like Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox Bleach and Fantastik.

You can check the full list of disinfectants from the EPA list here.

The ones that have been tested directly against the new corona virus and have been successful are Lysol from the British company Reckitt Benckiser.

According to reports CNNhe usual disinfectant spray and Lysol Max Cover Mist disinfectant According to the EPA, they kill the virus in two minutes on a hard, non-porous surface.

According to EPA / Image:, Lysol’s usual disinfectant spray and Max Cover Mist disinfectant kill the virus on a hard, non-porous surface in two minutes

In April last year, Reckitt Benckiser had to issue a statement that he insisted that people should not take their products preventively after President Donald Trump suggested using an “injection” of the disinfectant to treat COVID-19.

Reckitt Benckiser hit the headlines in April when the company asked people not to use any of its products internally after President Donald Trump suggested that “injecting” a disinfectant could “turn off” the Covid-19 in. a minute”.

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