Lukashenko justifies the crash landing in Minsk: “We didn’t want a small Chernobyl, what would the USA have done?”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday justified the emergency landing of a Ryanair flight on Sunday in Minsk, which covered the route between Athens and Vilnius, and assured that he wanted to avoid “a small Chernobyl” that “any other sovereign country would have done, like the United States. “

“What should we have done? (…) We responded appropriately to the information received,” he said before emphasizing that the bomb alert came from Switzerland and was received at the same time from Athens, Vilnius and Minsk airports. “The Belarusian side quickly brought the information to the crew of the aircraft in accordance with international standards. Because at that time the aircraft was crossing the Belarusian border and was in our airspace,” he said.

It was warned that 123 passengers from different countries were on board, all of whom were “threatened”. “What do we want, little Cheróbil? And how would the United States react in such a situation, given its sad experience?” He complained.

Lukashenko justifies the crash landing in Minsk: “We didn’t want a small Chernobyl, what would the USA have done?”
Lukashenko justifies the crash landing in Minsk: “We didn’t want a small Chernobyl, what would the USA have done?”

Lukashenko has defended that “in accordance with his official duties” there was an obligation to “protect the people on board”: “He thought of the security of my country.” If the plane had been hijacked and the terrorists wanted to destroy it, he couldn’t let it fall on the heads of our people, “he said.” I acted legally and protected my people. It will stay that way in the future, “he emphasized.

The President has accused the international community of crossing “many red lines” and “the boundaries of common sense and human morality” in what he believes to be a “modern hybrid war” against the country, despite pressing to prevent it that it will become a war war conflict.

“As we predicted, the bad guys outside and inside the country have changed the methods of attacking the state. (…) This is no longer an information war, this is a modern hybrid war. Everything possible must be done to prevent this from happening Case is. ” Go further, “said the president, according to the BelTA news agency.

In this sense, he has accused his critics of having moved from the “organization of unrest” to the phase of “strangulation” of the state. These were his first words after the international community took action to force the landing of a Ryanair flight that covered the distance between Athens and Vilnius. On board the plane were the dissident Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega, both imprisoned.

“They are looking for new vulnerabilities and this is not just for us: we are a testing ground for them, a testing site before the dive to the east. After testing with us, they will go there,” he said, referring to Russia and other countries in the region.

In this sense, he criticized the use of “extremist” channels of the SMS application Telegram, which would demonstrate “the real aim of Western strategists”.

The Belarusian President has therefore emphasized the importance of “preserving the land so that it can be passed on to the next generations in a normal condition”. “Time has chosen us. We are at the head of a new war, not cold, but already frozen,” he said.

“The state will not succumb to the pressure. For the entire world community: There is no point in shaking Belarus!” He said before emphasizing that “the whole world is starting a multi-faceted hybrid war against Belarus on several levels.”

The goal, he has stated in detail, is “to demonize Belarus”. “We are a small country, but we will respond appropriately. There are similar examples in the world. And before making sudden and hasty movements, remember that Belarus is the center of Europe,” he warned of a possible new one World war.

“This is written in military documents. So before we fire the guns at our borders, we need to think. Sensible people understand what is happening. And for those behind the provocation, I will just ask: ¿Don’t you see this as catastrophic?” Consequences it can bring? “He said.

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