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Lukashenko holds a referendum to reform the constitution

August 31, 2020

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko this Monday proposed the possibility of holding a public consultation to agree on future constitutional reform, in a wide-ranging debate on the changes the country will have to make following the controversial elections on August 9, to overcome the open crisis.

Lukashenko, who met with the President of the Supreme Court, Valentin Sukalo, has ruled out the possibility of reverting to the 1994 Constitution, as it may mean “changing” the current legal framework “but is not a move forward” . . “I would like to see changes that will advance our society,” he said, according to the official BelTA agency.

The President has assured that a group of experts is already working on constitutional amendments to develop a text that will later “be made available to the population so that they can discuss it and express their opinion”, leading to a possible vote that is possible for the time being is in the air to try to resolve the serious open crisis.

Lukashenko holds a referendum to reform the constitutionLukashenko holds a referendum to reform the constitution

Lukashenko hopes that “everyone, especially those who ask for changes”, understands that “all voters”, regardless of their origin, age or occupation, “have a vote in the constitutional referendum”. However, it has already been made clear that, despite the presence of young people at the demonstrations, minors cannot speak officially.

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