World’s first compact & comfortable AR smartglasses

The LCD display bar runs the Lucyd Lab circuit. Lucyd Lab manages organic application development and user engagement, driving positive contributions to the Lucyd ecosystem (app development, content, user reviews, etc.) With an LCD screen. LCDs can be used to purchase AR equipment and content from Lucyd,

when available


For example, Lucyd predicts that 5,000 LCDs will be replaced by a pair of Lucyd Lens sunglasses. In addition, we store the first 500 derivatives of Lucyd Lens couples for purchases only with LCD screens. Buying an LCD display gives you the chance to be one of the first to wear future glasses,

and help Lucyd bring you the best AR can offer. For more information on selling the LCD display token and Lucyd Lab Chain, see “Technical Documents”.

There’s a reason why you do not have a smart class yet — some of the options available have a narrow field of view and clumsy user interface. But Lucyd was built on 13 patents that extended to augmented reality and a team of renowned optical experts for the decentralization of the AR revolution with Lucyde Lens,

the next generation class. The lens is powered by the Lucyd Lab AR chain block, which makes it easy to develop and distribute AR content on its own. The lab is equipped with LCD markers, which organically manage content creation for the first AR platform with mass appeal.

The lens has the potential for an evolutionary leap in how we see the world, and the Lab will allow anyone to contribute to its growth.

Lucyd Lens will be built on 13 related patents developed by world-class optics experts at the University of Central Florida. This patent is licensed exclusively by Lucid.

We believe that Lucyd’s technology is a watershed,

because our AR patent portfolio allows us to use important functions for next-generation AR goggles that are not available in the products available today. Lucyd’s competitive advantage comes from our unique exclusive ergonomic functions for smart-

Points combined with experienced managers and knowledgeable scientific consultants.

Augmented reality (AR) is a direct view of the real-world environment lined with computer-generated interfaces. Lucyd launched the sale of LCD token to decentralize the AR revolution. We will produce next-gen smartglasses that fix many of the problems that interfere with existing products today, and blockchain-

based ecosystem software to support them. Lucyd Lens smartglasses will develop your vision, by combining valuable data with your eyesight seamlessly. Lucyd has a technological advantage in the AR arms race because it has 13 advanced patents and an optical expert team that enables the development of a pair of unique smartglasses.

Lucyd Lens will be the first to be lightweight, ergonomic, wire-free, comfortable, covering, adjusting automatically with lighting conditions, accommodating corrective lenses and looking like normal glasses. This will be an interactive AR device that is compatible with existing Android and iOS content, while also supporting genuine Lucyd content.

Lucyd launched the sale of the LCD token to give you the glasses of the future, and create an organic ecosystem for their growth. The token sales goal is to raise the funds needed to develop the pre-production prototype of Lucyd Lens, as well as to create the Lucyd Lab engine block.

Lucyd Lab will encourage the development of native third-party applications and user engagement with LCDs. LCDs are used to purchase hardware from Lucyd, and developed content


Projection Feature Lucyd has an exclusive license for 13 important patents that we believe solve many of the issues that currently interfere with AR space. Some important features:

Flagn design, unibody provides a customizable and customizable look. The existing AR devices are notorious for attracting unwanted attention.

2. All circuits are contained inside the rod

, so it looks and feels like ordinary glasses.

3. Can be equipped with prescription lenses.

4. Integrated stereotyped LCD microsisplays with long battery life and ergonomic feel.

5. Bluetooth connection to iPhone / Android has your favorite app on AR.

6. Integrated microphone and bone-

speakers for easy dialing and voice control.

7. Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.

8. Integrated front camera for taking photos / video.

9. Direct handsfree with special controls between eye tracking options, voice control, and finger tracking options.

10. High resolution,

with a superb 120 ° arcade for AR graphics. See below for simulation of Lucyd Lens 1.0.

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