López Obrador’s party accuses Aznar of having “insulted” the “history and dignity” of Mexico

The Mexican ruling party Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena) has “clearly” condemned former Spanish President José María Aznar’s statements in which he refused to apologize for conquering America, which “openly insults” the formation. “the” history of Mexico and the dignity and memory of its indigenous people “.

The formation of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has published a statement saying that he “strongly rejects” Aznar during an action by the People’s Party, a political force he describes as “linked to Francoism” “Has denied the genocide of indigenous peoples”.

“We are not surprised that a war instigator denies the genocide of indigenous peoples on our continent and apologizes for Catholic evangelization, taking into account the abuses perpetrated by members of the Spanish Crown, which Pope Francis himself contradicts, who recently protested against the people of Mexico apologized. “Morena pointed out.

López Obrador’s party accuses Aznar of having “insulted” the “history and dignity” of Mexico
López Obrador’s party accuses Aznar of having “insulted” the “history and dignity” of Mexico

He also criticized the fact that the former Spanish president even “contradicts the position of his king Juan Carlos I, who had the decency to recognize the arbitration proceedings committed against the Sephardic people in the past”.

Morena has also expressed his “strong opposition” to the “persistent interference” in the internal affairs of Mexico by Aznar and “his representative”, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

In this context, he criticized Vox, whom he described as the “far-right party”, for his “regrettable and shameful” visit to Mexico in early September, when Abascal met with members of the conservative Mexican National Action Party (PAN).

“Mr. Aznar: The denial of history does not erase it. The thousand-year-old cultures of our peoples, who tried to vanish their political ancestors, are still alive and are being praised by the transformation of Mexico”, López Obrador’s party emphasized his statement.

Morena responded to Aznar’s criticism of the Pope for asking forgiveness for conquering America. “I will not do it,” said the former president on the third day of the National Convention of the People’s Party in Seville.

“For the defense of the Spanish nation and the historical significance of the Spanish nation, the historical creations of the Spanish nation with its light and its darkness, with its successes and mistakes, I am ready to be proud (of the conquest of America), but I will don’t ask for forgiveness, ”he emphasized.

Furthermore, he reiterated that in Mexico “the new communism is called indigenism” and implies “back to pre-Columbian societies” while adding that “indigenism can only go against Spain, not the United States”.

“Now you are saying that Spain must apologize. And what is Your name? And what are their names? Tell me what your name is Mayans.

Speaking to López Obrador, he also said that “if some things had not happened” he “would not be there”, nor could he be called as he is called, or “could have been baptized” or “evangelization Mexico’s “would have taken place.

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