López Obrador, the president of Mexico that scares the elites

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 14 (Reuters / EP) –

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has maintained since he was elected in July 2018 a critical speech with Mexican business leaders, whom he has blamed for fueling poverty and corruption in the country.

The first president of Mexico on the left in three decades has promised to transform the country by putting forward the needs of the poorest and most helpless, which has raised not a few suspicions in the offices of Mexican economic elites.

López Obrador, the president of Mexico that scares the elites
López Obrador, the president of Mexico that scares the elites

The most privileged sectors, in this case of Mexican society, have resorted again to a discourse based on fear and the supposed destabilization that policies designed for the common good could, such is the paradox, lead to society in general.

In that sense, some like Andrés Rozental – who worked as ambassador of Mexico in the United Kingdom and Sweden, in addition to being deputy minister of Foreign Affairs (1988-1994) under the conservative governments of the PRI – has pointed out that the big businessmen ” they are very worried “, since the supposed” uncertainty discourages private sector participation “.

Despite this, there are other voices from that same sector who have claimed to have “directed” López Obrador's policies towards more friendly lands with the interests of the magnates who intend to operate in Mexico, although private investment seems to have been paralyzed since he acceded to the charge in December 2018.

However, the new president of Mexico ended up in August when he decided not to carry out the suspension of a series of contracts that the previous Government of Enrique Peña Nieto had sealed with several private companies for the construction of several natural gas pipelines.

López Obrador, who initially described the signing of these contracts as a scam to the Mexican people, backed down the serious economic and international consequences that the suspensions would entail, since the negotiations of the trade agreement of America of the United States were also being carried out. North (T-MEC) with the United States and Canada.

While the president then publicly acknowledged that these disputes could cloud investor confidence, he clarified that the agreements were initially “harmful” to the interests of Mexico.

“I only have one master, and it is the people of Mexico,” López Obrador said when asked about why he had decided to go back and if they had to see the pressures of the businessmen.

López Obrador has always ensured that he has a “very good” relationship with investors, despite the fact that they have been disturbed by the rhetoric he has sometimes used to refer so much to this sector, which he has described as “fifis” – a derogatory term that refers to the conservative forces of Mexico – such as money, “the devil's father.”

The disgust of Mexican business and financial elites comes even before López Obrador came to office, because just over a month before, the Mexican leader announced that for reasons of corruption a project of $ 13 billion was canceled for the creation of a new airport for Mexico City, despite the pleas of billionaire Carlos Slim, one of the richest people on the planet.

“The policies have already changed, and now it's time for them to adapt to the new economic policy,” said the Mexican president regarding the business and financial elites of the Aztec country.

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