López Obrador is calling for the Mexican elections this Sunday to vote “without fear and in peace”

The Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on this Sunday election day, on which Mexico is being asked to renew the Congress and state and local organs, to vote “without fear and in peace”. The campaign was full of violence, with between 90 and 167 killings related to the elections, the sources say.

“In a democracy the only legitimate government is that which comes from the people. This Sunday we find inspiration in the example of justice and love for the homeland of Hidalgo, Morelos, Juarez, Madero, Zapata … We exercise our right to vote freely . ” , without ties or fears. In peace, “López Obrador pointed out in the presidency’s institutional report.

The opposition has denounced the excessive use of institutional channels to draw attention to the campaign as the president in Mexico is required to be neutral in the election campaign.

López Obrador is calling for the Mexican elections this Sunday to vote “without fear and in peace”
López Obrador is calling for the Mexican elections this Sunday to vote “without fear and in peace”

On the other hand, the judges of the electoral court of the judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF) thought with a minute’s silence the candidates killed in the current electoral process and the victims of COVID-19.

The President of the Court, José Luis Vargas Valdez, has asked for cooperation “so that the elections to be held throughout the national territory are carried out in an atmosphere of peace and cordiality and with full respect for the fundamental rights of all”.

Judge Janine Otálora Malassis has warned that the politics and the electoral process “have become bloody and it must be said with all its letters and such” in order to remedy the situation. To do this, the authorities at the three levels of government would have to “find those responsible for these heinous crimes to bring them to justice.”

“The rule of law requires an end to impunity for these terrible crimes. You must ensure the safety of voters in every polling station and in every corner of the country,” he argued.

More than 21,000 popularly elected offices are at stake this Sunday, including 500 federal deputies; 15 governor posts; 1,063 positions at local conventions; 17,000 in town halls; and more than 1,900 mayoral elections which perceived the greatest risk to the candidates.

Since September there have been around 800 attacks on Mexican politicians in the election campaign for this Sunday, including murders, kidnappings, kidnappings and threats. 167 of them ended in deaths, according to the Integralia study cited by the Mexican newspaper “La Razón”.

According to another consultancy, Etellekt, 782 attacks on politicians and candidates were recorded, slightly more than the 774 attacks in the 2018 elections, of which 518 were candidates and candidates. The most common aggression is threats, of which 278 have been reported, and the state with the most aggression is Veracruz with 117, according to Etellekt Veracruz.

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