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World Of Warcraft TCG While it is true that the World of Warcraft became a popular hit among top PC gaming titles, the fun just doesn’t end there. The gamers will be truly happy to know that WOW has trading card games in which players could try to take their skills to whole new playing field. Back in October of 2006 was the time when the game was first released. The gamers can battle towards each other or even team and has the goal of taking down their opponents with the version of popular video game. In addition to that, the users are being challenged as well by famous raid bosses. When it comes to game play, every participant has to use a hero card and deck that’s made up of allies or perhaps, any other supporting cards. The players can also build their decks however, they desire to have their own choice of weapons and characters. Also, there are booster packs that can be bought and a few of them contains scratch off code that could be entered online to be able to redeem their virtual prize.
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There are a number of people who are comparing the game to Magic: The Gathering mainly because of its unique style of trying to conquer other players through the strategic planning of deck. The users can start with single hero and need to make use of their resources in order to generate the powers of their hero. Much like Magic: The Gathering, their ultimate goal is removing all health of its opponent.
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The participants also have the option of using the Raid Deck in addition to the regular game play. With regards to this style, the Raid Master regulates all of the foes and the monsters while other players control the characters. The players who were able to defeat the Raid Master are eligible to win certain volume of loot cards, which is otherwise known to be the hottest commodities in WOW trading card game. Different cards have their own value and is denoted through a colour system. As an example, the set number on the card is white, then it is common, if green, it’s uncommon, blue is to rare, purple is to epic and red mean legendary. There’s also range of cards that are used throughout the game and each of it has different purposes. Simple deck will consist of the heroes, weapons, armours, abilities, quests, loots and allies. All of the said cards above can be played as resources by means of putting them face down to the designated area. If you are interested to play WOW TCG, reading articles or watching videos can help you out.

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