Looking for a job? This thermometer shows you how many jobs are available in Mexico every week

OCCMundial launched the “Laboratory Thermometer”; 60% of company employees are paused; 27% hire for critical positions.

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Looking for a job? This thermometer shows you how many jobs are available in Mexico every week
Looking for a job? This thermometer shows you how many jobs are available in Mexico every week

Under the Labor Day On May 1, OCCMundial announced the launch of its weekly “work thermometer” to inform opinion leaders and decision makers about employment trends and Labor indicators in times of COVID-19.

“Our reason to work as a company is to bring the job opportunities of companies in Mexico closer to job seekers. In times like these, we provide all available tools and strengthen our communication with recruiters and candidates to give them a real picture of market behavior, making decisions agile and intelligent, “said Ricardo Rodarte, CEO of OCCMundial.

The method that OCCMundial will use for the weekly development of the “Laboratory Thermometer”, which will be launched today and will be launched every Monday from May 11th, is based on surveys of recruiters across the country from its database of more than 30 thousand customers as well Information on job offers that are published daily on the portal.

This advisory tool will integrate a setting thermometer during COVID-19, current job trends, business expectations, opinions and analyzes from OCCMundial executives as well as a national job radar.

This is the job in Mexico today

After five weeks of declared health emergency in Mexico, employment in the country according to OCCMundial is as follows:

  • 40% of recruiters surveyed in Mexico said their company was continuing its selection process to some extent.
  • Another 60% said they decided to pause their contracts due to the decline in sales or that their activities were not considered material.
  • 27% only hire for critical positions.
  • With regard to the publication of job offers on the website, there are 54% fewer vacancies due to the eventuality (dates from March 16 to April 27).
  • The 10 countries with the least vacancies were: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Mexico City, Chiapas, Mexico State, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Puebla, Quintana Roo and Yucatán.
  • The categories with the lowest number of vacancies were: administration, art and design, communication, construction, sport, law, marketing, human resources, general services (craft) and tourism.
  • General services (business) have maintained a constant growth rate, such as: B. Drivers, deliverers, couriers and warehouse workers.
  • 44% of businesses expect to be able to resume operations and fully recover their economy over a 3 to 6 month period considering the National Sana Distance Day ends on May 30, 2020.
  • Some companies have opted for temporary positions (26%).
  • 72% of the companies surveyed rate the productivity of their employees as normal to very high.

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