London Bridge attack to be remembered one year on

There will be a service at Southwark Cathedral on Sunday for victims’ relatives, survivors and members of the emergency services to remember those who lost their lives on 3 June last year.

The victims were Christine Archibald, 30, Xavier Thomas, 45, Alexandre Pigeard, 26, Sara Zelenak, 21, Kirsty Boden, 28, Sebastien Belanger, 36, James McMullan, 32, and 39-year-old Ignacio Echeverria.

Three terrorists – Khuram Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba – drove a van at pedestrians on London Bridge.

London Bridge attack to be remembered one year on
London Bridge attack to be remembered one year on

Then, with knives strapped to their wrists, they went on a stabbing spree in nearby pubs and restaurants before being shot dead by police.

(clockwise from top left) Christine Archibald, James McMullan, Alexandre Pigeard, Sebastien Belanger, Ignacio Echeverria, Xavier Thomas, Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden
Image:(Clockwise from top left) Christine Archibald, James McMullan, Alexandre Pigeard, Sebastien Belanger, Ignacio Echeverria, Xavier Thomas, Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden

Jack Applebee, owner of Applebee’s Fish restaurant on Stoney Street, told Sky News that the community has grown closer since the attack but the events of that night still haunt him.

He said: “There was a real community feel once this all happened. Some of the business owners…we never had a reason to interact with each other as such and it really bought everyone together.

“I’ve become friends with the general manager of the Wheatsheaf pub, the owner of El Pastor (restaurant). This whole street everyone has become a real tight community.

“Any problems that come up we’re always fighting together. Rather than being competitors now, I think we’re all friends.”

British Transport Police's Wayne Marques who fought off London Bridge attackers


Video:London Bridge cop took a deep breath and charged

Mr Applebee came face-to-face with the attackers as they ran down Stoney Street, stopping at his restaurant as he tried to usher diners to the back for safety.

He said: “I never actually saw them until they were on the doorstep because I was so focused on trying to get everyone out the back.

“I looked at them straight in the eyes and I’ve still got that image in my head now and I remember after a while I kept having continuous nightmares about seeing them again and again and again.”

Borough Market attracts tourist and shoppers of high quality foods.

The attack happened late on a Saturday night and mercifully the traders had shut up shop.

Geoff Ho speaking to Sky's Sophy Ridge


Video:London Bridge hero: Rage was in their eyes

Market trader Samantha Wallace, of From Field and Flower, said: “I think we were terrified it would change how people feel about this place and would maybe change how we feel about it.

“But actually I think in so any ways, as we have across the UK when we’ve had these attacks, we’ve reclaimed it and reclaimed its purpose so Borough is thriving.”

But others say it has taken them longer to get back on their feet.

Dominic McCourt is a butcher with his family business, Northfield Farm.

He said: “Long term I’d say there was definitely a hit business-wise that we’re just recovering from now.

“When we re-opened it was great and everyone was out here celebrating and getting behind it, but long term it definitely did put people off for a while.”

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Video:Borough trader: ‘We’ve got to carry on’

Fishmonger Paul Day said: “It was heart-breaking to be honest. It’s a real community here.

“My first experience of markets is in Borough and the community is incredible and I’m really lucky they accepted me and the fact that it’s genuine. There really is a lot of love in here.”

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A year ago, the people of Borough Market pledged to come back bigger and better in the face of adversity.

The community appears to be back on its feet but the buzz of Borough will take a backseat this weekend to reflect on those who lost their lives a year ago.

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