London attacker identified as a terrorist convicted released in 2018

A British policeman on the London Bridge after the attack. – REUTERS / DYLAN MARTINEZ

Johnson criticizes that “violent” criminals get out of prison “soon”


The author of the stabbing that occurred on Friday at the London Bridge, identified as 28-year-old Usman Khan, was a terrorist convict who had been released in 2018.

London attacker identified as a terrorist convicted released in 2018
London attacker identified as a terrorist convicted released in 2018

Khan was convicted of terrorism-related crimes in 2012, he confirmed in a statement Saturday Scotland Yard's chief anti-terrorist, Neil Basu, while ensuring that a “key” line of the investigation is to establish how he carried out the attack.

Specifically, Khan pleaded guilty, along with eight other men, to conspiring to bomb the London Stock Exchange, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in 2010 inspired by Al Qaeda, and possessed a handwritten list with names and addresses of other potential targets, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, mayor of the city at that time, as detailed by 'The Guardian'.

In fact, also according to the British newspaper, the judge who issued the sentence for these events identified Khan and two other defendants as “the most important jihadists” and said they should not be released until they no longer pose a threat to the population.

In addition, Basu has added that the Police are registering Khan's residence in Staffordshire and that he is believed to have acted alone.

“While we are still in the early stages of the investigation, we are not actively seeking anyone else in connection with the attack,” Basu said.

“However, we continue to make quick consultations to ensure that no other person was involved in this attack and that there is no pending threat to the population,” he added.

On the other hand, Basu has reported on the circumstances in which the attack occurred. As detailed, Kahn has attended an event at Fishmonger's Hall.

“We believe that the attack began inside before leaving the building and continuing to the London Bridge, where it was stopped and subsequently confronted and shot,” he said.

Finally, he has asked the population to avoid the London Bridge area and has requested that anyone with information or images about the incident share them with the British Police.

“Public safety is our top priority and we are improving police patrols throughout the city and throughout London,” he said.

In this context, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has criticized that “serious and violent” criminals get out of prison “soon.”

“It is a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to get out of prison soon and it is very important that we give up that habit and apply appropriate penalties for dangerous criminals, especially terrorists,” Johnson said.

The attack, which has left two dead and three wounded, has ended when the attacker has been shot dead by the Police, which investigates the event as a “terrorist incident,” according to British authorities.

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