LocalCryptos can be integrated into ChageNOW

LocalCryptos announced in a press release today that it will start integrating with ChangeNOW to improve its self-government crypto portfolioto give its users more control. This means that users can convert between their cryptocurrencies almost instantly straight from their LocalCryptos self-custody wallets.

LocalCryptos (formerly known as LocalEthereum) is a Bitcoin and Ether exchange house that specializes in P2P exchange, but with the peculiarity that communication (chat) takes place with end-to-end encryptionWe keep it under our control, escrow transactions without a custodian and private keys from LocalCryptos Web Wallet.

Since 2017, LocalCryptos has allowed its users to exchange their crypto for traditional money only privately and securely. From today you will find a new swap exchange option in your web portfolios.

LocalCryptos can be integrated into ChageNOW
LocalCryptos can be integrated into ChageNOW

If a user wanted to sell Bitcoin but only had Ethereum in his wallet, he had to move his ETHs to an external crypto exchange to exchange them for BTC, and then return them to LocalCryptos. It was a very arduous task that many people had to endure, but it will not be necessary to go through this whole process.

However, To perform an exchange, the user selects the crypto that he wants to send and receive, e.g. B. Ethereum Bitcoin, and enter the amount to change. After the exchange rate is confirmed in real time, their cryptos are sent to ChangeNOW for conversion, and the changed amount is received in the user’s LocalCryptos wallet in the desired cryptocurrency.

The exchange with BTC, ETH and LTC begins today

By what As of today, LocalCryptos users can quickly and easily exchange between the available cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH and LTC. Thanks to the integration of the ChangeNOW crypto exchange service on the platform.

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The process consists of some fairly simple and easy steps. The user must first go to the “Wallet” tab, click the “Crypto Exchange” button, and then click “New Exchange”.

In a second step, the user has to select the crypto pair to be changed. Then you need to enter the amount you want to send (or click the “Max” button if you want to change anything you have). Don’t forget to check the amount you get.

You must then accept the ChangeNOW terms of use and click Next. Finally, select the address to which you want to send your crypto. Enter the commission you want to pay. Click the Submit button and you’re done.

Remember that LocalCryptos automatically selects an appropriate commission so you can leave it exactly as it appears.

ChangeNOW is a cryptocurrency exchange service that allows users to switch between different cryptocurrencies without having to create an account.

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On the platform, they describe that the platform has grown rapidly since the start of peer-to-peer exchanges with Bitcoin in late November and Litecoin in June. And with a growing community and almost daily updates. They claim that LocalCryptos is establishing itself as the world’s most popular peer-to-peer market for unscrupulous cryptos.

You have a registration of more than 100,000 users in at least 100 countries. You have a guarantee contract in the chain and portfolios without a custodian. They also offer encrypted messages on both ends.

Michael Foster, CEO of LocalCryptos, told Cointelegraph this “LocalCryptos serves as a bridge between the fiat and crypto worlds, but to date these bridges have been isolated for each cryptocurrency. By integrating with ChangeNOW, LocalCryptos unites these crypto worlds and completes the cycle for the exchange between cryptocurrencies. Now users can not only exchange traditional money for the cryptocurrency of their choice, but also between different cryptos. All on the same LocalCryptos platform, giving users even more control over their financial freedom. “

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