Lithuania reports a record number of attempts to cross the border from Belarus

The Lithuanian border guards on Tuesday denounced a record number of attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus, a “significant” increase with 149 migrants attempting to enter the country, while the Lithuanian authorities warn that it is necessary “very much.” To be well prepared “Before the migration crisis worsens.

In addition to the 149 migrants who tried to enter the country, a further eleven people were arrested from the early hours of Monday until the morning of this Tuesday, reports the ELTA news agency. There were 93 attempts on Sunday, 91 on Saturday and 35 on Friday.

The country’s attorney general, Nida Grunskiene, has stated that there are currently 25 investigations pending against 63 suspects for illegally crossing the state border. There are 40 other investigations into the organization of these border crossings, in which another 73 people are involved.

Lithuania reports a record number of attempts to cross the border from Belarus
Lithuania reports a record number of attempts to cross the border from Belarus

The Lithuanian Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite also denounced the entry of Belarusian border guards into Lithuanian territory this Monday. Border guards announced on Monday night that three uniformed people had come over from the Belarusian side.

“The situation is such that we have been seeing a really active and intensive attempt to enter Poland illegally for a long time. The numbers were and are impressive: between 500 and 800 entry attempts per day,” said the Interior Minister. The news portal Delfi picks up on the fact that the Polish border protection “has really strengthened”.

With that in mind, Bilotaite has denounced Minsk for allegedly bringing migrants who are not admitted to Poland to the Lithuanian border, which has recently increased the number of migrants trying to cross the border.

The Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda met with his Polish counterpart Andrej Duda on Tuesday to warn that “the regime of (Alexander) Lukashenko is becoming more and more aggressive and is endangering the security of all of Europe”.

“The hybrid attack by the Belarusian regime” highlights the need to strengthen the EU’s external borders and increase its resistance to “similar attacks in the future,” said Nauseda, who has promised to address these issues in the European Council this week.

“As this is an organized event involving Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, we look forward to the European Council deciding on sanctions against the Lukashenko regime,” demanded Duda in this context.

The Lithuanian government decided on Monday to re-extend security at the common border with Belarus to respond to “worst case scenario” as the migration crisis deepens.

The Lithuanian authorities assure that so far this year nearly 4,200 people have crossed the border illegally, especially since the summer, which coincides with the sanctions the European Union imposed on Belarus for violence following the presidential elections in August 2020, in which the President confirmed his mandate for the sixth time.

Poland and the Baltic countries, which share a common border with Belarus, agree that this unusual increase in attempts to cross the border is a kind of retaliation by the Belarusian government for these sanctions. In addition to Belarusian citizens, the flow of migration comes mainly from people from the Middle East and some African countries.

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