List of small business offers to give away for Christmas

The end of year parties are coming! Let’s support Mexican businesses by consuming local products by buying our gifts from these entrepreneurs.

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List of small business offers to give away for Christmas
List of small business offers to give away for Christmas

In March, I remembered a Chinese curse that prays “May you live in interesting times” and certainly 2020 was a year terrible Interesting. However, it seems strange to me that it is an alleged wish for bad luck because entrepreneurs actually want to live interesting times because we know that there are more opportunities then. Even more so when we talk about it Mexican entrepreneurs.

We know what it means to live and to survive In crises and, as we showed with the 1985 earthquake and again (if in doubt) with the 2017 earthquake, Mexicans always help those who need it.

For this reason, believing in the spirit of the community, I have decided to list the offers that many SMEs and solo preneurs contribute to filling out our gift lists at the end of the year.

In this listing (This is updated every two days until 150 offers are reached) We give a brief explanation of what each entrepreneur offers and where you can find it.

Do not forget that you need to check the specifications of each offer on their website as they are subject to changes for which the entrepreneur cannot be held responsible.

1. Handmade soaps from Ely-an

Image: Ely-an

  • Place: Tlatelolco, CDMX
  • Website or facebook page
  • Promotion: Soap in the shape of little sheep in abundance, coconut soap and / or activated charcoal, apple flavor with a chocolate coin worth 35 USD.

2. Organic coffee from small producers of MyCoffeeBox

Image: MyCoffeeBox

  • Place: Chiapas
  • Website or facebook page
  • Promotion: Know your monthly subscription to organic coffee at home, use the calculator and know which box is right for you and try lots of organic coffees in your home.

3. Gourmet BakeLab pancakes

Image: BakeLab

4. Scape Home Massage Digital Gift Certificate

Image: landscape

  • Place: Headquartered in CDMX with a presence in GDL, QRO, MTY, SMA, PUE, Valle de Bravo, Toluca, Pachuca, Cuernavaca, Tepoztlan, Cancun, Playa, Tulum, Acapulco and Los Cabos.
  • Website or facebook page
  • Promotion: Code FF2020 gives a 20% discount.

5. PromosD Christmas box

Image: PromosD

6. Jewelry made with recycled plastic from Nila Redesign

Image: Nila Redesign

7. Jewelry made with Verver on purpose

Image: VerverMx

8. Accessories for single mothers at CataRanita

Image: CataRanita

9. Sell and repair all types of Acapulco style chairs in Acapulcool

Image: Acapulcool

10. Candles with the intentions of VeLé México

Image: Velemexico

11. Chairs with fully customizable plants from La Silla Poeta

Image: The Poet Chair

12. Chilanga Lottery board game from Fundación Ayudar X Ayudar

Image: Fundación Ayudar X Ayudar

13. Teabody Querétaro handmade product for skin and hair care

Image: Teabody Querétaro

14. Black clay handicrafts from MexSilver

Image: MexSilver

15. Sweet comet pastries

Image: Sweet Comet

  • Place: Mexico
  • Website or instagram page
  • Promotion: Bring a box of biscuits for gifts after the season. It contains an amigurumi and a hand-painted wooden ornament.

16. Mexiquilla flavored butter

Image: Mexiquilla

17. Environmentally friendly alternatives to you very good for the planet

Image: You are very good for the planet

18. Neora Firming Cream

Image: Neora

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