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List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19

April 30, 2020

There is a Chinese curse that prays “I hope you live in interesting times”. I always found it strange that it is an alleged wish for bad luck, because entrepreneurs really want to live interesting times, because we know that there are more opportunities. Even more so when we talk about it mexican entrepreneurs.

We know what it means to live and to survive In the crises and as we have shown in the 1985 earthquake and again (when there were doubts) in the 2017 earthquake, the Mexicans always help those who need it.

List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19List of offers from entrepreneurs to face the Covid-19

That’s why I believe in Aztec entrepreneurs, I’ve decided to list the offers that many SMEs offer to help other business people stay ahead of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In this listing (This is updated every two days until 150 offers are reached) We briefly explain what each entrepreneur offers and where you can find it.

Do not forget that you should check the specifications of each offer on its website, as these are subject to changes for which the entrepreneur cannot be held responsible.

1. Beek: platform for audio books on various topics. It offers 14 days of free and curated lists for kids at home, business, learning to cook, etc.

2. Meraki: communications agency. It offers up to 60 minutes of communication management session in SMEs to ensure the news is clear.

3. Youles: Financial education system. They give 12 hours of free advice on your personal finances.

4. Business for love: The specialist Pilar Trinidad offers free webinars and group consultations on entrepreneurship and gastronomic marketing.

5. Apapacho: Textile brand. It offers free home delivery in Querétar and a 45% reduction in product costs, as well as free shipping through Mercado Libre across the country.

6. FLOW Workshop: FLOW Happy Business Workshop until April 16 with a 50% discount.

7. Lilographie: Creation of illustrated content for social networks by free entrepreneurs until April 5.

8. Perflex: Strategic and financial advice for companies affected by the crisis. Free for April and May. Find them here:

9. Kokolet: fashion platform that offers free shipping while on duty for the Covid-19.

10. DeKidsMx: Online programming workshop for children from 9 to 13 years. You can get a free seat or pay between 99 and 300 (regular price of the workshop), depending on the possibilities of each person. Valid from April 23 to May 8.

11. Villains Fitness Center: They offer daily online training with free functional exercises at home for three weeks.

12. Thirteen Human Capital: Provides free career counseling, interview, resume, and psychological counseling from April to June.

13. The nanlab: Provision of free webinars and design of free training materials on change management (leadership in crisis) in April and May.

14. ILab Hub: Offers free 90-minute webinars on agile methods on Wednesday in April.

15. Yeira: e-learning platform to complete your online courses in minutes. There is a free plan, and if you subscribe to a paid plan, you can move to the next level for a month due to the contingency.

16. GetIn: You measure the influx of commercial space for retail. They open a free access page with indicators for some key locations so that retailers can monitor the influx day in, day out during the emergency.

17. Tiketiux: ticket management software. With their technology, they developed a robot that self-diagnoses COVID-19 via SMS to prevent panic and the spread of the virus.

18. Fibotech Innovation Laboratory: A messenger chatbot is used to assess the risk of infection with coronavirus and to provide free medical advice remotely if there is a high risk.

19. Inweb: Digital agency that created a directory for local Queretaro companies.

20. IT jobs: Offers a 100% removed job posting for one month.

21. The idea: platform for financial advice, strategic planning, financing. It offers a special price and flexibility in the form of a payment for two months.

22. Cancun 360 websites: discounts on web design, development, mobile, e-commerce, social networking, marketing, photography and digital animation for the rest of the year.

23. Profitmakers School of Sales: Provides online sales closing and sales planning workshops under the “Pay what you can and if you can’t, use it” modality. Workshops three times a week from March to June.

24. Qualy Consultores: Offers free online diagnostics and training from April through June.

25. Hualiz: They offer free webinars and advice on how to adapt business models in times of crisis.

26. KLAY Bot: Chatbot to automate crisis FAQs on WhatsApp. Free setup and advice.

27. Marotto: For every 10 boxes of their flock swarms sold, they donate one to hospital staff who take part in the emergency throughout the pandemic.

28. La Cosita Chula: They contain mouth covers, antibacterial gel or tuna tuna in their orders for home-made products throughout the period or while supplies last.

29. Shopnet: Refund of up to 10% on consumer tickets from a supermarket, pharmacy, supermarket or home order in Guadalajara and Monterrey for one month.

30th RD Station: They offer a marathon of webinars to deal with the crisis. Find them here:

31. MachinnaLab and Toci Health: Manufacture of medical masks for donation to public hospitals.

32. Daniel Medina: This coach offers some free personal development courses.

33. LokkiCo: Free webinars and implementation plans for adjusting the business model in April.

34. Ipstori: App to promote reading on digital devices. All of their stories will be free in April.

35. AnaRoomMX: design of shop windows and visual merchandising strategies. They offer an electronic travel guide with examples of the Display Show in London with a special discount for one month.

36. Worqlab: Jobs for freelancers. They offer free Prime memberships, giving companies access to thousands of freelancers for three months.

37. Attitude is Image: Free webinars on how to sell your image, speak in public and how you can deal with a crisis every week.

38. Titelleta Pau Estuditeca: They will give advice and reinforcement exercises for preschool and reading and writing in lower elementary school through Google Classroom in April.

39. Fitco: Online courses in the best fitness centers in Latin America. They offer millions of people access to free home training with a free month of all of their content.

40th Eleventa Point of Sale: Electronic invoicing systems. They offer 100 days of free use (request via email) until May 30th.

41. Conektica: Puebla advertising agency that grants 50% discount in the first month of the digital marketing contract until April 30th.

42. Publifix: Linking brands to the press through technology. They offer advertisers, agencies and entrepreneurs a free trial for 60 days.

43. UpInvoices: Web portal for renting suppliers and employees, which ensures tax compliance with the SAT and confirms that you meet the specified tax requirements. You give two months off.

44th LIA Club: They offer their digital educational platform for kindergartens and elementary schools free of charge to do homeschool during the emergencies of COVID19. Content related to the CV of the SEP.

45. Learning sessions for children ages 4 to 13 to be entertained to develop science and technology projects from home.

46. ​​Porters Group: management consultancy. Offer a management report with a focus on creating an alternative plan to deal with the crisis caused by COVID-19 and a strategy to combat one and a half years.

47. DILMUN: Platform to promote fair trade, the consumption of local products and a number of practices to reduce the carbon footprint. It supports producers who have no infrastructure or are dissatisfied with the prevailing distribution model.

48. Omegamark Education: Free support for parents who have problems solving doubts about their children’s English homework for the duration of the event.

49. Pack Pack: They offer cheap and safe deliveries across the country with the code STAYHOME throughout Mexico in April. When registering, you will also receive the free subscription free of charge.

50. Kalei Agency: digital marketing platform. From Jalisco they offer 50% discount on the conclusion of a new website and graphics package for networks and 50% discount on the digitization of existing companies without virtual life in April.

51. Odontalify: Dental software and specialized CRM. They give 90 days off to support the dental community.

52. BioRetail: They offer one hour of free advice on retail strategies (physical and e-commerce) until May 31.

53. Your thesis online: Free access in April and May to carry out a thesis in a simple, practical and easy way.

54. Vikidz: Online courses to review the official SEP primary mathematics program for 30 days or as long as the emergency persists.

55. CIIMEDIA: They offer free advice on digitizing traditional business models for the duration of the quarantine.

56. Home teacher: Videos with lessons for kindergarten and elementary school children for the duration of the contingency or longer.

57. Armando Ruíz: Marketing specialist will hold two free lectures for entrepreneurs.

58. Placing ideas: The agency operates across Mexico, Latam and Brazil. One-hour consultation for entrepreneurs on activating digital campaigns to increase their sales or online presence, as well as tips on public relations for entrepreneurs and SMEs in April and May.

59. First 10: It is a community of exchange services for products, services for services, products for products, services for assets, products for donations and the combinations contained therein.

60th Emotional Astronaut: Free webinars to deal with anxiety and stress with your team in April.

61. Commercial engineering: company dedicated to business mentoring. It offers free online chats and some at affordable costs on topics related to growing small business owners.

62. Loops México: App that washes your car at home without spilling water. In April 2020, they offer preferential prices and 2×1 promotions for washing and disinfecting vehicles.

63. Pixmi: agency for digital marketing. They offer free marketing, design and advertising advice until April 30th.

64. Media law: agency for social media marketing and public relations. They offer free 60-minute consultations for entrepreneurs and companies throughout April.

65. Bridge for Billions: Online incubation program for entrepreneurs who develop solutions to tackle the problems that have arisen from COVID-19. Applications can be submitted until May 7th.

66. Medicheck: Free online survey to detect COVID-19 cases.

67. Invest Navojoa: Free webinars on business models, intellectual property, personal branding and digital marketing from March to May 2020.

68. ULead International: You have entered into an alliance with eight factories in Asia to deliver the medical care needed in Mexico directly, without intermediaries and without excessive prices for the duration of the contingency.

69. SnapVisits: Business and English courses for children and free webinars to promote financial literacy. They offer over 30-minute online sessions throughout April.

70. Emendu: They offer access to technologies such as a laptop or smartphone with monthly rental and insurance to make teleworking easier. During the eventuality they give up to 20% discount and free shipping.

71. Iideasdegenios: Free online workshops for children from 5 to 12 years and free membership in April.

72. Kintesens: Company that gains experience in developing transverse skills such as self-awareness, leadership, communication, etc. You will be giving free webinars starting April 10th.

73. Reflection of the soul: psychotherapy and life counseling. They offer free one-hour advice on loss management in Querétaro in April and May.

74. Pagomed: Software for handling medical fees. Donadora raises funds for the purchase of medical equipment for hospitals at the COVID19 headquarters.

75. Seasons love your skin: the skin products brand offers a 30% discount plus free shipping and an antibacterial gel as a gift when you shop online in April.

76. Human-e: human capital company. For candidates, it offers a resume check, a 45-minute job search guide, and interview tips. For a company, it offers candidates free of charge.

77. Kratos Soluciones Integrales: They will offer tailor-made tax and accounting strategies as well as business advice for micro and small businesses (mainly women) in Aguascalientes for three months.

78. NOOS Creative Intelligence: educational material for educational innovations for the whole family that promotes a new drawing method to reduce stress and at the same time to awaken creative potential. They offer a free delivery service in the Guadalajara metropolitan region.

79. Rafael García Arias: The consultancy for digital marketing and business intelligence will hold 60-minute consultations in April.

80th Scape MX: Free virtual massage and reflexology courses on Sundays.

81. Sinerglobal: agency for labor research, trade references, socio-economic studies and hiring of staff across the country. In April you get a 20% discount on all services.

82nd HAWK10 Integral Engineering: They will offer free services in the areas of information technology audit and business operations, logistics and productivity consulting for one hour in April and May.

83. Graphics: Develops strategies for branding, visual communication and digital marketing. Offers one hour of free advice and 60% off graphic design until April 30th.

84. Intekel: They offer 30 minutes of free advice on risk and depression management, 40 minutes of free advice on digital transformation and process automation, and a 30% discount on the development of iOS / Android apps.

85. Neuracore Studio: They offer free consulting companies for companies that want to update or change their business model or new products in April.

86. contaDIGITAL: ERP in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Give 20% discount on all online purchases and 6 months without interest via PayPal and 30% discount on cards with 500 and 1,000 stamps. all in April and May 2020.

87. Other communication: You will develop MSME websites with a 70% discount in April.

88. B2eat: With the app to discover local grocery stores in your area, you get four months of free premium membership.

89. Rafael Hernández Serrato: The personal finance specialist offers three free eBooks for purchase from April 15 to May 15 Take a look at the forest, don’t just look at the tree: develop your entrepreneurial mindset on amazon. Contact:

90th trip: They offer sports schools and gyms free advertising on their website (especially through user mailing and SEO of their activities). On their side, they offer a service for planning sample classes so that they can win new customers at the end of the quarantine. The transport lasts for the duration of the quarantine plus two months.

91. GANU Food: The first nutritious instant soup will give away 30% of its shipments across the Republic, including a kit with mask covers and antibacterial gel.

92nd IEBS Business School, by Instituto Emprender, offers four high-quality online diplomas with content that is critical to overcoming this crisis and returning to the success of your business.

The first launch is the Digital Business Diploma, a master’s degree in digital talent developed by IEBS in collaboration with Seedrocket and with the participation of extremely successful entrepreneurs and managers. It is a program in which you learn the basics of learning in an MBA with two hours a week or 20 minutes a day, distributed according to your wishes, but without spending a fortune. You can learn topics such as exponential leadership, growth hacking, massive transformation, UX product design and product market adjustment.

Find out more about the Digital Business Diploma here.

93. Medicheck: Offers a free virtual Covid-19 survey to map the health status of Mexicans and help the healthcare sector. It’ll be all April.

94. Score My Pitch: #MiPymeNoP For online networks with preferential emergency prices April 27th, 29th and 30th.

95. Arty Mouse Colors: They develop educational apps for children and will make them available for free download.

96. Prepa in a 2×3: Free access to the premium version of the app, in which you can find the same or similar questions as in the final evaluation. Open until April 30th.

97. Blogylana: Personal finance expert Sonia Sánchez-Escuer is offering 21 free training sessions this month to learn how to work alone.

98. Focus 360: From April 7th to June 30th they will give advice on the internal structure in companies for entrepreneurs, on sales monitoring and on the development of content strategies for social networks.

99. Argueta: During the sale in April, 15% will go to the Guanajuato General Hospital hostel, which provides accommodation and meals to the sick. There are no shipping costs for purchases of $ 500 or more.

100th Ballons and Bubbles Store: Free shipping, special discounts to complete a giant bubble show, gift activity kits with their giant bubble tables in April.

101. CULTURALLEZ: Your company’s presence on its web platform and app, including its distribution on its social networks, is completely free for the duration of the quarantine plus two months.

102. Estringy: Make your video call session, text and images in a single element in chronological order. Consult historical videos. Check the progress. Never lose your notes or comments from previous meetings, meetings or questions. They will offer a free service in April and May.

103. Business as Unusual: They offer a free hour that you can use during the covid19 pandemic in two ways: RETHINK to identify opportunities to reinvent your business during the crisis, and UNLEASH to take advantage of this moment Develop new ideas for business that you want to start after the storm is over. Promotion valid until June 30th. The sessions are held by Zoom and are scheduled in order of the arrival of the requests and the availability of the time of the consultants.

104. Ideasd2: They offer free webinars every second Thursday of the month so you can sell more and better. They are free for the duration of the quarantine.

105. First Ten: It is a free game for iOS mobile devices designed to promote physical activity and emotional wellbeing in children and young adults.

106. Lamudi: During the emergency period, you will provide free advertising to landlords and property developers who decide to delay or pause rent payments from their tenants during the emergency period in the following months.

107. Innohub: In collaboration with LendInc and Avanttia, they offer a FREE personalized financial report so that SMEs know their financial situation immediately and can take the necessary action before COVID-19. There is currently no time limit as long as it is a company report.

108. Locomotive: delivery of products to customers without human interaction via intelligent lockers. For a month, make all your transactions or deliveries in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey free.

109. Envíoclick: Logistics management platform that connects parcel and freight companies with companies in Mexico and Colombia. They offer an already applied 10% discount on tariffs, only for SMEs that ship during an emergency.

110. Enjoy the shipping: courier and package in Mexico City for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs. They offer free pickup for those who need shipping in the capital and free integration for those who have ecommerce in Shopify. In both cases, only the kilometers traveled in 2020 are calculated.

110. First Ten: A game for iOS mobile devices designed to promote physical activity and emotional wellbeing in children and young adults. It uses augmented reality to transform the user’s environment into a virtual underwater world called “The Bamblup Island”. It’s unlimited free.

111.uHub: Center for ial Development. It provides support for entrepreneurs who have an idea or who are already starting the company in subsequent, transitional or crisis phases of their project in times of crisis from Chihuahua to Zoom.

112. KatRank: SEO agency that offers a free SEO audit in April and May without obligation and with a 50% discount on all plans for new customers who decide to contract with our services.

113. Akademus: Online distance learning about business training and internet marketing with the best experts. They have over 1500 videos, tutorials, webinars and master classes that are open for a month.

114. Self-employed: The Monterrey e-commerce agency focused on Amazon and Mercado Libre. The first hour of counseling, mentioning that it comes from the entrepreneur, is free for the duration of the quarantine.

115. Solutions IT: Offers discounts for creating virtual businesses and developing websites during the emergency period and until the last day in July 2020.

116.CORAOPS: Offers a mindfulness workshop in live online format with a 75% discount on the usual price. The workshop starts on April 21 and the discount is activated until then.

117. Leo Piccioli: The expert is offering the book “I’m alone” for free as a PDF forever and is offering a running discount on LinkedIn until the end of May in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

118. ViliondMX: Offers free online financial advice with the “Financial plan for emergencies and post-emergencies” until the end of May. Valid for the entire Mexican Republic.

119. Cachin Cachin: The virtual voucher offers the opportunity to publish free promotions for every company for two months.

120. Mobbit: Selling and distributing products from shops, greengrocers, butchers and others who are affected by the current situation and do not have the technology and infrastructure to advertise their products through the Mandaddito platform. Valid in Mexico City and the metropolitan area indefinitely.

121. Zoila Aguirre: The insurance agent offers a 10% discount on car and household insurance as well as free financial controls until April 30th.

122. PIN AC: The incubator, recognized by the Department of Commerce and the CDMX government, offers one-hour free first aid advice for SMEs and a 50% discount on their online incubation and disruptive growth programs through May 30.

123. M-Solutions: The finance agency and the incubator, recognized by the CDMX government, will provide free advice on new SME loans with a grace period for their payments and no guarantees, and one month of courtesy in their financial protection program.

124. Mx Arquitectos Collective: It provides a one month consultancy design solution for new home, office, etc. requirements.

125. Arkitectors Creative Group: Provides graphic design and video editing services tailored to customers’ needs at prices that are negotiable for two months.

126. Let’s do business: You offer a 60% discount on the consulting service for the development and creation of your business plan for three months.

127. Corporate Excellence: Give a 50% discount for three months in the Background Check Service (background investigations of individuals and companies).

128. Garios Real Estate: Offers a 50% discount in the first six months of rent on your own property with a grace period of two months and contracts of at least two years. Valid from April 15th to June 15th.

129. Letsmake: Give away 40 consultations for 40 minutes of disruptive leadership in times of crisis. Free registration from April 22nd to 26th and from April 29th to June 5th.

130. Identidad Cervecera Magazine: In their permanent digital edition, they offer a special offer for breweries free of charge, which is aimed at microbreweries.

131. TECHO: The organization, which works to overcome poverty in settlements, plans to install 480 rainwater harvesting systems in seven states of the republic over the next three months so that families from communities where they work can wash their hands. as recommended by the federal government. They are looking for donations to help them achieve their goal.

132. 2RealPeople solutions: provision of a POD service (Proff the delivery), ideal for home deliverers or parcels. They can track their movements using an app installed on Android phones. In addition, each mobile phone can provide photographic evidence of the delivery of parcels or home deliveries, which are uploaded directly to an administration platform for the images and routes assigned to the dealers. The promotion consists of offering 10 mobile phones including the delivery platform free of charge for one month. Includes virtual training.

133. Ibidem Group: They will be offering free translations or cost price for initiatives related to Covid-19 in May.

134. AB water solutions: 55% discount on trichlor dissolved in water will help disinfect rooms until May 31. Shipping to the entire Mexican Republic.

135. This app helps sell products and services and costs 100 pesos for three months without commissions and without intermediaries.

136th Gympass: The digital wellness platform gives you access to home training for you and your family, meditation resources and nutrition plans that will help you at home this season. You can register on the site to get 60 days for free.

137. Craft Beer: Their website has all the free information you need to prepare craft beer at home, and they offer a free PDF guide.

138. Spanish55: Free group lessons in Spanish as a foreign language from April to June by Zoom.

139. Agrarium20: digitization company for livestock auctions, industrial equipment and automobiles. If you have an auction in May and June and want to digitize it 100%, your service will cost $ 15,000.00 (typically $ 35,000.00).

140. Hebrew Lessons: Offers one-to-one online tuition with more than 10 years of experience. You have the additional schedule promotion: normal $ 300 per hour and a half and the additional $ 200 for an hour. The material is free during quarantine (the cost is $ 150).

141. ZEHR: Headhunting and personnel consultancy, which grants a 50% discount on all their services during an emergency.

142. Doppler: They give a free account for sending email marketing so that companies stay in touch with their customers and prospects. It is not valid. There are unlimited shipments with up to 500 contacts.

143. CIS: They create hatbots to help ecommerce businesses improve sales in times of crisis and reduce the saturation of organizations’ attention lines. Health and combat fake news about COVID-19.

The information in this list is updated to include more offers. Would you like to participate? Reply to this tweet with the name of your company, what they do, what they offer before the Covid-19 and how long. Thank you so much!

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