LinkedIn and Microsoft are trying to fight unemployment

They announce a free training strategy for 25 million people.

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LinkedIn and Microsoft are trying to fight unemployment
LinkedIn and Microsoft are trying to fight unemployment

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated unemployment worldwide, today 25 million people counts. A million of them are in Mexico. To counteract this problem Microsoft and LinkedIn They announced a free training strategy.

The strategy is designed to help people acquire the technological skills necessary to fill the jobs of the future.

“Change starts with paying attention to the problem. We are determined to do our part. COVID-19 has triggered both a health and an economic crisis. As we approach reopening, we have to think about not leaving anyone behind. We need to provide people with tools so that all employees from every rural environment or in the city and in all countries can develop new skills, “said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in a virtual event.


The Microsoft and LinkedIn “Skilling” project consists of 500 free online courses offered through LinkedIn Learning. It also provides access to the social network opportunity chart, where users can see data on what skills and what jobs are currently most in demand in the market.

In the months following the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for digital skills and the use of online conferencing increased 525%, while the need for collaborative professionals increased by 1,083% and team management increased 933%. according to LinkedIn.

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, stressed that in the next five years, one of the world’s acute economic problems will be the need to find skilled professionals, particularly in terms of technology and teamwork, since around 800 million people need new skills for their business Learn work.

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