Lily Knight, the three year old girl who explains Ethereum through Peppa Pig

Lily Knight, only three years old, uses the children’s series Peppa Pig to use her words and her knowledge to explain what Ethereum, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are. In a very simple way and through his videos published on Facebook and Twitter, he illustrates the topic for those who find it difficult to deal with these topics. Little Lily is the youngest person to speak and teach about the crypto ecosystem.

The functionality of cryptocurrencies is explained in short videos lasting an average of two minutes. Recreating the content and getting the context of Peppa Pig with the help of their parents and toys related to the series will help them understand the basic concepts related to the topic in question.

Lily, studies in Spain and, how can it be otherwise, has a lot of aftereffects. She has more than 1,000 and 14,500 followers, respectively, on her social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Ethereum at the center of his latest video

Lily Knight, the three year old girl who explains Ethereum through Peppa Pig
Lily Knight, the three year old girl who explains Ethereum through Peppa Pig

During his final episode of the Lily Show, he talked about Ethereum, stating that it was an open source, decentralized blockchain technology invented by a super genius named Vitalik Buterin.

The most important thing, he assures in the video, is compatibility: â ????This means that other people can create applications on the Ethereum blockchain by using so-called smart contracts.

The short video also shows how an assistant hands Mami Pig that â ????It’s the decentralized maker protocol that can get to Peppa’s house thanks to a smart contract. Then introduce Peppa’s mother at home.

Then Papi Pig, who is Uniswap, shows up and puts him in the house as well. Then Miss Rabbit (Link) comes and accompanies the rest.

Another doll represents non-fungible tokens (NFTs). â ???? This is the life of the blockchain party Lily dots.

In her hand she holds Peppa Pig, which she claims is an ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, which powers her blockchain network. Peppa is the hostess of the house.

After populating this house that represents the blockchain, the girl explains that Ethereum is moving towards a new system: Ethereum 2.0

But it’s not just about Ethereum, why it was created and how it works, it’s also about Bitcoin. You explained what a bitcoin is that it is finite.

There will only be 21 million bitcoins on the market, specifically, and it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, â ???? qNobody knows who it is, it’s a mystery! â ????

Interview with major investors

Now little Lily has not only limited herself to explaining the context of the entire operation of cryptocurrencies, she has also surrounded herself with large investors who are involved in the medium. To the point where he interviewed her, and of course, it was a total revolution for his followers as his content has greater credibility and relevance.

Influential investors in the crypto market include Michael Saylor, the CEO and founder of MicroStrategy, the company that owns the most bitcoins in the world.. The video in question had more than 265,000 views, an interview in which they openly talk about the main cryptocurrency on the market, Bitcoin.

Joining the list is Michael del Castillo, a journalist specializing in cryptocurrencies, and Tyler Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini and a major Bitcoin investor.

A life in Spain

As described at the beginning of the news, little Lily is studying in Spain. In fact, on September 21, her parents posted a photo on Lily’s Twitter profile showing her smiling and with her backpack on her back on the street.

The accompanying text says: â ????Happy Lily is going to her first day of class in Spain. Loved this opportunity for cultural and educational growth. We’re not rich, but we’re very grateful to have some air to breathe and choose the life we ​​want. #Bitcoin is freedom and hope for a better worldâ ????.

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