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LG presents a high-tech mask that promises a lot

August 28, 2020

3 min read

The mask display is not over yet. Brands of all kinds continue to show their proposals, from simple cloth masks in retail stores to innovative devices that filter the air. Now it is the turn of the renowned company LG, which is launching its most innovative project in the world: the LG PuriCare.

LG presents a high-tech mask that promises a lotLG presents a high-tech mask that promises a lot


It focuses on purifying the air to provide a new level of protection. According to the brand’s release, the LG PuriCare cleaner solves the dilemma that homemade masks are both inconsistent in quality and disposable.

This product uses two HEPA H13 filters, similar to the filters used in household air purifiers. The mask ensures clean and fresh air indoors and outdoors.


In addition, it promises that the user will suck in clean air while the breathing sensor detects the cycle and frequency in order to set the fans to one of three manageable speeds.

In terms of design, this isn’t far from the usual masks, it also has two adjustable straps that go behind the ear. However, the brand said it had conducted a comprehensive analysis of the face shape to comfortably fit the ergonomic design to the face and minimize air leakage.

It also has a battery that lasts up to eight hours in low mode and two hours in high mode. It comes with a case fitted with germicidal UV LED lights and sends a notification to the mobile app, compatible with Android and iOS, when the filters need to be replaced.


It needs to be made clear that at no point does the publication state that it aims to prevent the spread of a disease such as the coronavirus, only purifies and measures the air we breathe. It also explains that it will be launched at select facilities and does not specify which countries it can be purchased in.

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