LG leads in UK

Reportsays LG 28″ is leading the UK Digital TV

(Courtesy of DTG of UK)

A Korean newsletter -Korean Biz – reports that LG Electronics, can claim that its digital TV setshave carved out the biggest market share in Britain, citing the data released byGFK, a European research center.

LG leads in UK
LG leads in UK

According to the result,LG’s 28-inch wide digital TV known as ‘DI- 28Z12’ took the No. 1 spot in thefield, outpacing competitors in the British electronics market. In December lastyear, LG sold a total of 1,265 units, or 16.7 percent of the total volume, inBritain while Philips and Sony lagged behind with 1,001 units and 939 unitsrespectively. LG began to supply the 28-inch digital TV model in late 1998, aproduct armed with a built-in set-top box for satellite broadcasting.

LGpoint out that the top rank is a first by a Korean electronics maker in anoverseas market – a watershed event that could pave the way for a winningscenario for Korean makers over their Japanese counterparts in overseas markets.

LG have worked alongsideclosely with BSkyB and with Comet: “aggressive marketing and advertisingcampaigns in a bid to penetrate into the British digital TV market.”

LG said it will roll outa flat-screen digital TV model in the second half of this year and stage a jointmarketing initiative with local vendors and distributors in an attempt toincrease the annual sale volume to 20,000 units by the end of this year.


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