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Let your ignorance be a big advantage

May 23, 2020

Nobody is an expert in all areas, but as an entrepreneur you need to be able to strategically solve problems.

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Let your ignorance be a big advantage
Let your ignorance be a big advantage

Most entrepreneurs don’t talk about theirs Uncertainties, but they all have them. One of the biggest is the fear of having no idea what they’re doing. They may have a specialty that helped them start a business, but entrepreneurship requires that they have skills in other areas. The good news is that ignorance can sometimes be a good thing. The most successful entrepreneurs don’t run from what they don’t understand, but confront it and use this inexperience as a tool to reach unknown territory.

As a startup entrepreneur, I have had similar experiences. I’ve been teaching professional development courses for a few years now and I was embarrassed that some of the training videos I taught were made as many as in the 80s.

I decided to never buy used videos again, but to produce mine. How hard could it be? It was pretty challenging. Ignorance cannot even describe my lack of understanding in video production. I understood the content, but that was just a small component. I had no idea that the other 95 percent of my knowledge was related to DVD production.

After a few years of thinking about the experience and having an amazing end product, I am thankful that I tried and went through this process. I am sure my complete ignorance was mine Save letter. If I had known how complicated and difficult the process would be, I would be almost certain that I would not have done it.

Although ignorance is like the blindfold that horses put on to go anywhere, none of us look for it. As an entrepreneur, if you are in it inconvenient area What do you do if you don’t know enough to make smart decisions (or even ask smart questions)?

Here are some tips:

Don’t try to pretend. Admit if you don’t know the answer (at least for yourself).

Assess your ignorance. Determine whether your ignorance is an obstacle or just a small obstacle that you need to avoid.

Decide how you can close this gap. If you are in an unknown area, there are a few options that can help you. You can have someone else on board, or outsource the idea, get additional training or experience to speed up or review the scope of the skills gap effort. If possible, start small.

Searching for help. Find a mentor who has experience in the area you need support.

Lean against others. Another strategy is to live with colleagues to improve your skills.

An important, albeit subtle, characteristic of the most successful entrepreneurs is the ability to deal with and uncertainty Strategically solve problems (although not all information is available).

In my experience as a small business owner, not all situations are ideal. I rarely know the answer to everything I need to know to quickly advance and change my business environment. I am sure that a large part of my success is due to my willingness to accept the reality that, although I wear 14 hats at the same time, I will continue to scratch my head more than necessary.