Lenovo: Innovation at the service of SMEs

The world is transformed into a more digital one, and today, it is in the hands of millennials

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Generations of young people represent almost 60% of the workforce worldwide; Digital natives that are characterized by multitasking through multiple devices, most of them electronic.

Lenovo: Innovation at the service of SMEs
Lenovo: Innovation at the service of SMEs

Therefore, it is not surprising that 2020 is a year in which innovation is present and available to these generations; just look at the proposals that the Consumers Electronic Show shows, the electronics event that is held every year in Las Vegas, where Lenovo presented the latest version of its ThinkBook Plus, designed for new generations of entrepreneurs.

This equipment incorporates an electronic ink screen in the cover, which solves one of the most common problems among young people. This innovation is intended to help users optimize their productivity by multitasking. With this they seek to improve concentration, promote collaboration and encourage creativity. With the help of the Lenovo Precision Pen Integrated Precision Pen users can create illustrations and diagrams within 10.8 ”of the electronic ink screen.

Lenovo's proposal with its ThinkBook Plus seeks to make today's work environments more efficient. Multitasking is inevitable, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice vital elements like productivity and experience with its 10th generation Intel® Core ™ processors, Windows 10, standard solid state storage (SSD), and available Intel® Optane ™ memory . Smart technology designed to improve concentration and productivity.

Innovation in detail

With Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus you get essential notifications on the flip screen, like calendar engagements, instant messages, or important emails. Allowing you to avoid distractions during meetings. Also, you have at hand the function of taking notes with the Precision Pen that can be synchronized with Microsoft One Note.

To optimize communication, the team allows you to control VolP calls with Skype shortcut keys, with the excellent audio clarity enabled by Harman speakers and certified Skype microphones. And without opening the ThinkBook Plus, Amazon® Alexa® helps add items to your to-do list or check data with simple verbal commands.

For Lenovo, security is very important, and its computers do not lack elements that protect the information of its users. In ThinkBook Plus they integrate a fingerprint reader, a camera shutter that the user chooses when to activate and a dTPM 2.0 chip that improves hardware security.

It is normal and common to move from task to task several times a day, and as Eric Yu, senior vice president and general manager, Lenovo SMB Group notes, “ThinkBook Plus improves the multitasking productivity of SMB users” to maximize and support the capabilities of the new talent in Mexico.

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