Legal Desk in Peru announces Allianz for the development of blockchain technology

A recognized law firm in Peru announced the strategic alliance with three Italian companies to promote and spread the use of blockchain technology in the economy of the Latin American country.

Estudio Muñiz is responsible for the agreement with Evoluzione Blockchain Internazionale, Scrypta Foundation and Assocoin, the With this agreement, they hope to spread the use of blockchain in economic sectors such as health, industry, law, agriculture, transportation, trade, finance and energy.

In the law firm’s press release, the study’s main partner, Marta Fernández, stated that this technology “It consists of a single registration that is agreed and distributed across multiple nodes on a network. This enables the data and information to become integrity, immutability, and traceability that cannot be changed.”

Legal Desk in Peru announces Allianz for the development of blockchain technology
Legal Desk in Peru announces Allianz for the development of blockchain technology

According to Fernández With the alliance, the company strives to accompany customers’ companies and offer them added value by using the latest disruptive technologies such as blockchain.

Regarding the signed alliance, Evoluzione Blockchain CEO Massimiliano Nicastro advises that the alliance with the Legal Desk will allow this “Electronic voting, the use of a cryptocurrency, secure transactions, document certifications, and buying and selling transactions can all be customized and implemented in Peru.”

The law firm Muñiz reaffirmed its intention to promote the use of blockchain in the country and to promote a bill on blockchain and smart contracts as well as the creation of the blockchain observatory in Peru.

To this end, they hope to train their employees and customers in new technologies that offer companies added value and enable them to offer their customers a better service.

Estudio Muñiz was founded in 1981 and, according to its website, has a high degree of specialization in various legal areas with in-depth knowledge of the economic sectors in which it operates.

The Legal Desk is a leader in legal services in Peru and strives to cover a range of solutions that span different areas: including key sectors such as health, mining and business, and digital innovation.

Evoluzione Blockchain is a company specializing in management consulting activities that, together with Scrypta Blockchain’s decentralized digital infrastructure, tries to make management processes more efficient through complete architectures for unlimited projects.

Together with the Assocoin Center for Innovation Studies, both companies are striving to increase the use of blockchain technology on South American soil thanks to the alliance with Estudio Muñiz, which they want to expand to the rest of the region.

Peru relies on blockchain

Muñiz’s announcement joins a number of initiatives observed in the region to use and adapt blockchain technology in Latin America, and Peru is not escaping this reality.

In this context, the Peruvian government issued a decree in 1492 last June to digitize its customs procedures, which opened the doors for the use of blockchain.

The use of maritime platforms such as the IBM Food Trust for traceability in the food sector are just a few examples of the use of blockchain technology in the area of ​​the Incas.

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