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Ledger users can now connect their wallets to DEX DeversiFi

June 5, 2020

Ledger, a manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, announced today that its users can now connect their devices to the decentralized exchange (DEX, DeversiFi).

Hardware wallets + DeFi

As a result of this integration, Ledger is one of the first hardware wallet manufacturers to enter the decentralized financial area (DeFi).

Users can now exchange cryptocurrencies, confirm transactions, and sign messages directly from their devices, while maintaining control over their private keys.

Ledger users can now connect their wallets to DEX DeversiFiLedger users can now connect their wallets to DEX DeversiFi

Although DEXs are generally considered more reliable than their custodian counterparts, this increased security tends to result in a price of lower liquidity rates. However, The press release states that users will have access to “immediate settlement” and “deep liquidity”.

When asked about possible liquidity problems, a Ledger representative said to Cointelegraph:

“In the following months, Ledger will introduce new features such as buying and trading that are available to anyone who owns a nano, regardless of where they operate.. Different currencies have different liquidity on every exchange. We don’t necessarily see DEX liquidity as a problem. “

DeversiFi 2.0

DeversiFi was restarted earlier this week because it included Starkware’s zkSTARK Layer 2 scaling technology.

The new platform could now process more than 9,000 transactions per second and maintain other advantages of a decentralized platform.