Lebanon restores the power supply after a power failure of more than 24 hours

Lebanon’s electricity grid was restored after a power outage on Saturday after the country’s two main power plants ran out of fuel.

“The power grid has returned to normal,” said Energy Minister Walid Fayad in a statement collected by the official Lebanese news agency NNA.

Lebanon restores the power supply after a power failure of more than 24 hours
Lebanon restores the power supply after a power failure of more than 24 hours

Although authorities expect duty to resume on Monday, the intervention of the army, which has acted as a fuel distributor in the country for the past few weeks, has accelerated proceedings.

Fayad thanked both the military and the state-owned electricity company √Člectricit√© du Liban (EdL) for the “quick response to the reconnection of the power grid” after the military had delivered 600,000 liters of diesel, which were distributed to the affected plants. Deir Amar and Al Zahrani, from the Lebanese Army’s reserves.

The minister has assured citizens that “the network returned to normal operation in accordance with its previous state before the gas oil ran out” and announced that “both will reach their maximum available capacity in less than an hour become the network “.

In addition, Fayad has announced that the central bank has given the government an additional $ 100 million to import fuel, “which would help increase hours of energy supply at the end of the month,” he said.

The minister assured that “since he took up his duties in the Ministry of Energy and Water, he will continue his efforts with all determination and will to ensure the best for the Lebanese people”.

In the midst of one of the worst economic crises in recent history, the Lebanese population has been hit by a worsening fuel shortage in recent months and the majority of the population is dependent on private electricity producers.

In fact, and as LBCI also reported on Friday, domestic gas cylinder sales have since ceased, while traders accuse Banque du Liban of surprising them by abolishing gas subsidies, which they claim is causing losses to the sector, according to union sources .

Countries like Iran have pledged to continue supplying Lebanon with fuel to mitigate the effects of the crisis, but the country suffered a virtually irreparable blow on October 1 when Turkish company Karpowership announced the end of its electricity supplies to Lebanon upon completion Contract with EdL.

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