Learn to be an entrepreneur in the aftermath of COVID-19

The adaptability that you show along with the flexibility makes you an extremely competitive player.

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Learn to be an entrepreneur in the aftermath of COVID-19
Learn to be an entrepreneur in the aftermath of COVID-19

Safety when returning to “daily” activities must be a problem that affects all companies, regardless of the size or number of employees, to ensure that health is essential to the business.

We are currently experiencing a number of contradictions in terms of recommendations made at local, federal and global levels. In my opinion, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions and make the best possible decisions to avoid more infections and deaths from COVID-19.

The resumption of activities in the offices must be carried out with the appropriate hygiene measures. The creation of new logs and the introduction of new daily habits for every employee are the key to success. A solid image and institutional communication are essential for a safe return. The measures we carry out as a company are very important. The real meaning, however, is that we give the right message to everyone and process it correctly.

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There are undoubtedly measures that contribute to this return, such as: B. a lower presence in the office, a maximum occupancy of 30% at all times, the mandatory use of face masks, temperature measurement when entering the facilities, antibacterial gel at all entrances and at strategic locations, disinfection of the room before and at the end and in particular Schedules for the use of public areas such as a dining room or a kitchen. This is a big challenge for any organization, but not impossible.

Reaching a physical operation is important for all industries, especially for restaurants and tourism. However, a link between physical and remote surgery is more important to achieve all of the goals set, and especially survival. Proper use of technology is one of the great lessons the new era after COVID-19 will leave.

What should we do as entrepreneurs?

Keeping a startup or company in this global phase is a delicate and complex issue. There is acquired knowledge that we have to take into account for the near future. One of the big lessons is mutual empathy for physical health, mental or family situation. Its main goal is to strengthen the institutional framework of the brand, to take root in the sense of belonging to the company and of course the unconditional support of the employees.

Communication is an instrument that we have to continuously strengthen. It must be horizontal and vertical. It gives the team the confidence to express concerns or ideas. As an employer, you are obliged to generate the relevant channels and, above all, to make them known in order to build familiarity. If the employee is well informed, uncertainties and speculations are avoided. Today it is very important to give them security about the work they do and to know what scenario the company is in.

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The adaptability that you show along with the flexibility makes you a competitive player. Regardless of the industry in which you work, adaptable to the intended work systems, using technology, digitizing processes and knowing how the circumstances can be taken into account and used. Flexibility comes into play when you apply all the new tools available and the team processes them correctly.

As entrepreneurs, we have to work hand in hand, support each other as much as possible and set cooperation standards between companies in order to achieve economic reactivation as quickly as possible. The support between us must be coordinated to strengthen and secure the livelihood of every company without violating the operation and integrity of the neighbor.

The acceleration we are currently experiencing in digital issues is a good example and an impulse that we must use to establish established brands. The entrepreneurial universe was mainly characterized by disruptions and innovations. It is time to demonstrate this and lead the new technological wave that will bring us this era without forgetting that we have to take a step forward and meet the needs of a new generation of customers. They are thirsty for solutions that match their lifestyle.

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