Learn English abroad

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English is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese, it is also a very useful and essential tool for professional and personal growth. A quarter of the world speaks it and occupies a privileged place in business, technology, science, research and journalism. English allows knowledge and exchange of ideas throughout the world.

Language proficiency is a key factor in job success, as well as being an engine of social mobility. One of the best options for language proficiency is to study it abroad, in markets with greater opportunities for professional growth. Canada is one of these destinations, which attracts people from all over the world, for its high quality of life and its tourist attractions.

Learn English abroad
Learn English abroad

English courses with EF in Canada are complemented by activities, excursions and free time to make the most of your stay abroad. They allow to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during class hours.

EF offers the best English course in Canada for all people who want to master the language, regardless of age, current language level, or length of stay, as all their programs are designed to master English quickly, through the daily life of an English speaking environment.

Whether in Vancouver or Toronto, EF focuses its classes on the interests of each person with general, intensive, business-oriented courses, focused on areas of interest or for exam preparation. With this in mind, there are courses from 2 weeks, which allows you to enjoy the holidays while practicing the language.

To take advantage of the best tools, language is a requirement. In English, it is a necessary tool to access scientific and research publications, as well as about 50% of all existing web portals. That is why mastering it allows access to countless information that is very useful for professional and personal life. It is also the door to opportunities with transnational companies and international organizations, essential for climbing positions in companies.

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