Learn about the history of the chaparritas, the refreshment of our childhood

You certainly tried. We tell you all about this traditional Mexican soft drink.

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Learn about the history of the chaparritas, the refreshment of our childhood
Learn about the history of the chaparritas, the refreshment of our childhood

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Certainly You will remember this sweet Mexican drink. The chaparritas accompanied the lunch of several generations of Mexican children. Its unique taste has placed this sparkling water as one of the favorites. And it doesn’t matter if you’re at school, at work, or in the Garnachas. A chaparrita in a glass container is the perfect addition to your meals.

The first carbonated soft drink in Mexico

Chaparritas is that the country’s first non-carbonated soft drink; its establishment began in 1937. And it was until ten years later In 1947 it was launched under the name El Naranjo. The company behind this delicious drink is Del Fruto, who is also responsible for other classic soft drinks in Mexico, such as Sangría Señorial, Barrilitos and Trébol.

The secret behind the unique taste of chaparritas is that it is Made from 100% natural ingredients. It kept it that way A favorite for several generations for over 70 years. Its aromas are grapes, mandarins and pineapple. The classic presentation is in a small glass container of 250 ml. Today, however, you can find them in the 255ml presentation.

The image that accompanies this classic drink is that one little smiling girl with black hair, dressed in red which is charged in large fruits that give the product its aromas.

People called her

There is a very strange story behind the name of this famous drink. After its launch in 1947 under the name El Naranjo People immediately accepted it for its great taste. However, Over time, consumers came to recognize it as chaparritas. This is due to the size and shape of the container.

For this reason the company Del Fruto decided to listen to the Mexicans and rename his famous product. In 1953 the name was changed without eliminating one from the start. The result is what we know to this day as: Chaparritas El Naranjo.

Chaparritas committed to the environment

All products from the Mexican company Del Fruto They want to be kind and reduce their footprint on the environment. Especially chaparritas, because on his website you will find practical and useful Ideas to reuse the bottles of this soda. Step by step, accompanied by the little ones at home, you can learn how to make a wallet, pen holder, flower pot, lamp or broom.

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