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Learn about the best online platforms to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

May 21, 2020

One of the main activities that we can use in quarantine to use our free time is accurate training. And nothing is better than first understanding the driving technique behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies such as blockchain.

Although there is a wide range of tutorials in this regard, there are some free and paid options to deepen your knowledge when you are already in the ecosystem. However, if you are a newbie who does not yet understand cryptocurrencies, chain transactions and decentralization, we will select some of the best online options available on the network of networks to make the most of these free times due to the mandatory isolation due to the pandemic generated through the corona virus.

1. Tutellus

The Spanish platform is one of the pioneers in distance learning and has not missed the opportunity to offer its thousands of followers their own training on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Learn about the best online platforms to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Learn about the best online platforms to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

With more than 160 countries and an educated community of over half a million students, the platform introduced the concept of the most relevant platform for collaboration in Spanish.

Miguel Caballero and the rest of the team strive to deliver the best subjects from their certified teachers every week.

At the blockchain level, Tutellus offers free short video courses on trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Hyperledger, Blockchain NEM and some fairly simple payments on Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

The platform offers the ability to decentralize certificates to improve your curriculum. These are available after 90% of the courses have been passed. In addition, each certificate is validated with a URL that can be released in professional networks such as LinkedIn or via a QR reader.

One of the major disadvantages of the platform for accessing non-free courses is the following Your payments must be made through traditional payment gateways such as PayPal. And they don’t offer cryptocurrencies, even though their own token is issued on the blockchain.

Tutellus offers the opportunity to participate in the BootCamp on Blockchain, Decentralized Finance and Master in the Blockchain with mixed modalities, including the ability to access funds to pay for them. Prices range from € 950 to € 9,990.

2.- Udemy

“The world’s leading virtual learning and teaching store” This is the name of this platform that has linked more than 30 million students worldwide to more than 100,000 courses in 50 languages.

His repertoire for blockchain technology is diverse and Similar to the previous platform, it offers free blockchain courses in short videos that cover everything from mining to creating decentralized digital assets.

It also offers extensive tutorials in the form of very full payments for technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at all levels you want until you become a blockchain developer in the main public blockchains.

The average cost of certified courses in promotional seasons is between $ 12 and $ 20. they are very common on the platform. In addition, the platform has a 30-day money-back policy if the course you access is not what you want.

Similar to the competition, Udemy offers certificates at the end of the course. Payment methods only include traditional methods such as PayPal and credit cards.

3.- Khan Academy

Sponsored by technology greats like Google and ATT, the The Khan Academy is undoubtedly one of the best sources of free learning material on the Internet.

The platform has extensive experience in distance learning to bring the virtual classroom within reach free of charge worldwide through its allies and thousands of volunteers who support it.

Given the relevance of blockchain technology The platform offers a wide repertoire of introductory videos, interactive sessions and discussion columns in the blockchain. It provides users with a complete overview of blockchain systems, especially Bitcoin.

As already mentioned, all of the material within the platform is completely free.

4.- Coursera

With a more institutional approach, This platform offers a variety of courses and even online degrees as part of alliances with more than 200 universities worldwide for an estimated population of 60 million students around the world.

Coursera has more than 400 specializations and more than 20 certifications as part of its successful MasterTrack program, in which a university issues and protects the certificate it receives from the student of the program for which he was enrolled.

Among them is his acclaimed Blockchain Applications course, certified by Duke University, ranked among the 30 Best National Universities in the United States in 2020.

One of the most complete programs in Spanish on the blockchain that the platform contains is offered by Austral University “The blockchain disorder”, The program contains an extensive program that ranges from the birth of blockchain to decentralized organizations.

Courses can be purchased free of charge, but are limited to access to video conferencing upon request. The fee-based modality offers homework exercises, questionnaires, additional projects and a certificate that can be shared at the end. Prices start at USD 39 per course, depending on the modality and the topic to be chosen.

Similar to the other platforms, Coursera only supports online payments with PayPal or credit / debit cards.

5.- Kibernum

This platform, based in Santiago de Chile, is one of the few options within the Spanish-speaking community on this side of the hemisphere. The Chilean company with 28 years of experience in its country of origin and 4 others in neighboring Colombia offers services in the IT sector for many companies from various areas of the productive economy in the region.

With more than 1600 employees with experience in various areas, Kibernum, in collaboration with B9lab, a leading provider of blockchain training since 2015, offers an online blockchain course for Spanish.

The course is advanced and requires developer experience as a developer on the Ethereum platform.

Although the online learning academy focuses more on business requirements related to information technology, it offers a special chapter on treating blockchain to meet the need for skilled blockchain workers in the region.

6.- edX

This platform offers one of the most comprehensive sources for learning blockchain technology. Their target group are those who are familiar with technology but need to deepen their knowledge at an advanced level.

edX offers various courses that are covered by major recognized universities and even by renowned institutions such as the Linux Foundation. The courses usually last six weeks and only require 3-4 hours a week.

Although most are in English, it is a good option to learn and get certified, with values ​​averaging around $ 200, depending on the institution that teaches it. All your payments within the platform can only be made through PayPal.

The platform was founded by the Universities of Harvard and MITand has more than 20 million students worldwide, mainly from the leading companies in the industry and from the most important universities in the world.

The platform is a broad provider of free, open-source, non-profit MOOCsunder a platform called Open edX, which is freely available so that technologists and educators provide the necessary learning tools with which knowledge can be effectively promoted at a distance.

This platform is funded by the Institute for International Economics at the University of AlicanteOffers a variety of courses that are now completely free and open to the general public.

Although after 8 years they chose to log out of their website instead of deleting the content, according to the official statement, they have left it open to all visitors without the need for user profiles.

The defunct distance learning platform offers a full Spanish course on blockchain technology This works great for those who want to break into the blockchain without knowledge of the subject.

With an emotional farewell, The team from the University of Alicante has decided to close the educational platform while continuing to operate the website for the enjoyment of Internet users. It is certainly an excellent free option to learn about the blockchain with notes and everything.

3 additional options for learning and certification

Although his mother tongue is not Spanish due to its relevance and full teaching program, There are three options in English that you can’t leave unnoticed Either to understand blockchain or to become an experienced student of blockchain technology.

1.- MOOC – University of Nicosia, Cyprus

In 2014 the largest private university in Cyprus, The University of Nicosia started offering the Master in digital currency. The Master of Digital Currency is designed to help financial service providers and businesspeople, entrepreneurs, government officials and public administrators to better understand the technical basics of the digital currency, how it is likely to interact with existing monetary and financial systems and what options are available. for innovations in digital currency systems.

There is a free MOOC that focuses on the introduction of digital currencies. the first of its kind. Over 22,000 students are enrolled, with a graduation rate of 17%.

The content is taught in English by professors of computer science and finance at the University of Nicosia as well as Bitcoin experts. including Andreas Antonopoulos, lecturer at the university.

So much The master’s degree as a free MOOC has decentralized certifications This enables the knowledge acquired to be supported and quickly integrated into the world of work.

2.- Cognitive class

Formerly known as Big Data University, The IBM-covered platform for the whole world offers courses mainly in English, some in Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

In addition to online courses, it has a virtual lab where users can practice what they learn.

The platform focuses on eliminating skills shortages in new technologies such as AI, big data, data science, cloud computing and blockchain.

The platform offers Some interesting options for blockchain focused mainly on the knowledge and development of the IBM Hyperledger platform and its solutions for chain supply.

Options include IBM’s Blockchain Essentials course, which lasts more than two hours. The course focuses on learning blockchain for businesses and exploring key use cases that show how technology creates value. The course, like most, is free.

The courses are certified after completion of the program and passing the respective test. The certifications approved by IBM are among the most recognized in the workplace.

3.- Block geeks

Blockgeeks has established itself as an important blockchain-based information communicator since its inception. They offer articles, videos, courses and discussion forums for future students from which they can extract knowledge.

With over 77,000 members and a cryptocurrency winning system, you’ll learn about blockchain technology online. It has become a common meeting point for enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge.

It has an extensive library of free introductory courses on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Blockgeeks introduced the course specifically for developers “ETH102: Introduction to the creation of dApps”, One of the first of its kind to help developers of all origins learn and understand the complexity of the dapp world.

This course aims to turn you from zero knowledge of decentralized app development into an active early adopter who can develop an Ethereum-based blockchain app.

Blockgeeks is the most comprehensive curriculum available to learn basic security skills, tools, and best practices essential to the job. Platform partners include Hyperledger, Ethereum and Tech Mahindra.

According to its website, it has more than 65,000 students and its membership system allows him to access all courses with master courses and accelerated programs taught by leading experts in the field.

Students who pass the final exam or complete a master’s course receive a personalized token that serves as a certificate.

The big advantage of the platform is that the blockchain technology is recognized. accepts payment of selected cryptocurrencies for subscriptions, in addition to PayPal’s traditional methods and major credit cards. Prices vary and range from USD 6 per month.

It also offers a bonus system for everything you do within the platform called “blocks” that can be exchanged for Bitcoin under certain conditions.