LBRY Latam announces the launch of the Odyssey app for iOS

During the 20th edition of the LBRY Latam podcast, the launch of the Odyssey application for iOS operating systems was announced. In addition to commenting on the ban the application recently suffered in China.

“The application is available free of charge from the App Store“Featured Michael Mitnick from LBRY Latam. According to Mitnick There is also a new version of the Android application with additional features and important improvements.

LBRY Latam has regularly conducted a number of podcasts to bring users closer to the correct use of applications like Odyssey, which enable future developments in the decentralized protocol.

LBRY Latam announces the launch of the Odyssey app for iOS
LBRY Latam announces the launch of the Odyssey app for iOS

The LBRY Latam Podcast is a live programming with the LBRY and Odyssey community that will cover log updates and items with the applications working on them.

According to the LBRY employee and one of the representatives of the region, Michael Mitnick, lThe LBRY network is emerging as a potential successor to YouTube. It is for this reason that they created the dynamics of communicating with the podcast to promote the correct use of the protocol and its applications.

“The aim is essentially to provide all possible knowledge to the users, the community, who make life in LBRY or Odysee possible with their projects and channels, especially questions related to the LBRY protocol, which is decentralization and promote resistance to content censorship distributed across the network. Issue that is currently affecting many content creators on YouTube who so far feel that there is no way out of this problem.

Mitnick emphasized that all users can join the podcast with no additional requirements other than creating an account with Discord and being part of the odyssey server on this social network.

“The goals of this Odyssey server on Discord go a little beyond the podcast, as users can get free real-time support, promote their channels, meet other developers, and stay up to date with LBRY or Odyssey-related news.”

If we ask Mitnick why we should use Odyssey in LBRY, we have He pointed out that the initial intent was to regionalize the protocol with a different domain, but “we recognized that this created conflicts for developers with many LBRY portals”.

“Odysee became this solution when applying the LBRY protocol, where the user can change the content according to their preferred language without having to go to another location. LBRY Latam emigrated to Odyssey here ”.

The video platform of the LBRY network has four languages ​​that regionalize the homepage “English, Chinese, French and Spanish”.so that the community can view channels related to their language on the home page.

It is expected that the content creators of the LBRY network will be able to perform live broadcasts of Odyssey from their channels with live chat capabilities and other features of this type of service.

AdditionallyLBRY’s Odyssey deals with censorship-resistant contentIn addition to covering all data transmission services in the LBRY network that the creators currently need.

Regarding the issue of censorship, Mitnick pointed out that under the future visions of the LBRY protocol, the platform is home to users and content creators that are censored by large happened recently with some crypto influencers from space and YouTube.

The LBRY network allows any voice to be heard and allows any user to upload content or sync their YouTube channel to support and support their videos using blockchain technology against any kind of censorship or punishment by the multimedia giant protect.

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