Launch a network to help governments and businesses access vital medical supplies

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With the pandemic and the confinement by COVID-19, opportunists have not been lacking seeking to do business at the expense of fear, monopolizing some medical supplies, and then reselling them at high prices

Launch a network to help governments and businesses access vital medical supplies
Launch a network to help governments and businesses access vital medical supplies

And this is not an exclusive situation in Mexico, in the United States the case of the doctor Alexander Salerno, who runs Salerno Medical Associates , a multi-specialty clinic in New Jersey, who was forced to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and gowns on the black market so that its 110 employees could safely provide care.

According to statements to the press, while an N-95 mask cost less than a dollar per unit when obtained from its lifelong supplier, now, black market prices had increased by up to 2,400% since he was paying between $ 8 and $ 12 and even $ 25 per mask.

To cope with this situation and avoid shortages of these inputs, Brent M Skoda, creator of Ahkeo Labs , a research and development company that helps people live better, launched the Urgent Response Network in the United States and recently started operating in Mexico.

This network is made up of members of the Young President's Organization (YPO) , who seek to help governments, health systems, and companies access critical medical supplies.

Urgent Response have been manufacturing textile products in Asia for 30 years. Their clients include the MLB, NFL , NBA, and other Fortune 500 companies. In addition, they are contractors with the US Department of Defense and have the ability to mobilize quickly.

“In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we repositioned our supply, manufacturing, logistics and quality control infrastructure to acquire Critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the United States,” notes the Urgent Response Network on its website.

This network recently entered into an agreement with Amazon to supply its new site for healthcare providers COVID-19 Supplies and governments.


This store is available to the general public in the United States and offers personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, masks , gowns, and thermometers, among others.

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Urgent Response Network has maintained commercial relationships with state agencies in Texas, California, Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, among others.

Provider network in Mexico

The response of the entrepreneurs was immediate. In order to have more impact in the region, Brent Skoda contacted Carlos Camacho, founder of Ecoshell , one of the pioneering manufacturers of biodegradable products in Mexico, and invited him to join the initiative.

“I have known Brent for about 10 years, from when I won the s' Organization Student Award. This week we have partnered to be able to do this in Mexico too, ”says Carlos.

The objective in Mexico is to find plants in the region that can become suppliers of inputs such as mouth pads, gels, overalls, gowns, among others. “In this way we can offer the country prices that are being given in the United States, without surcharges and ensure that they reach all hospitals in a timely manner,” says Carlos.

“In Mexico there is no supply chain, if we do not move fast and help the government and hospitals, there will be shortages of products and the joke is that all medical supplies reach the front lines.”

Carlos Camacho

Those interested in becoming suppliers must validate that their products have the characteristics to meet the world-class quality and guarantee requirements.

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