Latin American Diego Gutiá rrez Zaldívar inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame

A selection committee has decided who will be the twelfth member of the Crypto Hall of Fame: The Argentinian Diego Gutiárrez Zaldívar, co-founder of RSK, a Bitcoin-based smart contracts platform. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

The Moonstock-hosted Crypto Hall of Fame is an online gallery specializing in Crypto Art and NFT and created by Aaron Koening. Launched in April 2021, it celebrates the top contributors to the blockchain industry with portraits designed by Max Crypotohead

â ???? I am very honored to be accepted into this illustrious circle, â € said Diego Gutià © rrez ZaldÃvar when he received the news at the announcement ceremony during Bitcoin 2021 in Miami.

Latin American Diego Gutiá rrez Zaldívar inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame
Latin American Diego Gutiá rrez Zaldívar inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame

“I am very happy to have been inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame among giants like Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo and David Chaum. More than personal recognition, I see this as recognition for all of the pioneers who built the Bitcoin and crypto movement in Latin America, including RSK co-founders Sergio Lerner, Ruben Altman, Adrian Eidelman and Gabriel Kurman. When we developed RSK, our vision was to turn Bitcoin into an inclusive and fair financial system for many, not for a few. Now we are closer than ever to this vision becoming a reality.

The first eleven participants in the Crypto Hall of Fame were references in the crypto world like Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, and his right-hand man Hal Finney. Other nominees were also David Chaum, Wei Dai, Adam Back and Nick Szabo.

The Crypto Hall of Fame has a structured selection process where a proposal can be made through their website. A selection committee then decides who will be admitted next.

Other nominees in this round were Alexander Kuzmin (founder and CEO of Mycelium), Bram Cohen (creator of BitTorrent and Chia), Charlie Shrem (co-founder of BitInstant and Untold Stories), Erik Voorhees (co-founder of Shapeshift, Coinapult and Satoshi Dice) and Ralph Merkle (inventor of the Merkle tree).

The announcement ceremony took place during the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami with over 12,000 attendees.

The portrait of Diego Gutià © rrez ZaldÃvar created by Max Cryptohead is exhibited in the 3D gallery of the Crypto Hall of Fame.

The members of the selection committee:

– Aaron van Werdenum (Editor, Bitcoin Magazine)

– Alexandra Kons (publisher Be-in-Crypto)

– Amelia Tomasicchio (Editor The Cryptonomist)

– Eryka Gemma (founder of the Bitcoin Center Miami)

– Jack Martin (Cointelegraph editor)

– Olga Filatova (founder of the Museum of Cryptographic Art)

– Roger Benites (Managing Director of Bitcoin Center New York)

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