Lasso celebrates the president’s victory on a “historic day” in Ecuador when “the need for change” was elected.

Arauz admits defeat and guarantees that he is “ready to speak and work for the Ecuadorian people”

The CNE announces a 100% vote for Wednesday and regional leaders begin to congratulate Lasso

Conservative Guillermo Lasso celebrated the virtual victory in the second round of the presidency, imposing on Andrés Arauz what he considered a “historic day” in Ecuador as Ecuadorians voted for “the need for change and better days for” everyone “.

Lasso celebrates the president’s victory on a “historic day” in Ecuador when “the need for change” was elected.
Lasso celebrates the president’s victory on a “historic day” in Ecuador when “the need for change” was elected.

Lasso, candidate of the CREO movement, has managed to reverse the results of the first round in which Arauz from the Union for Hope (UNES) prevailed and will become the next President of Ecuador.

With more than 98 percent of the votes counted and in the absence of an official announcement by the National Electoral Council (CNE), Lasso has in front of a crowd that “Long live the President!” With a narrow lead, Lasso managed to overcome Arauz with 52.49 percent of the vote, who achieved 47.51 percent.

“I would like to thank the Ecuadorians who have put their trust in me and who have come to the vote with a democratic spirit,” began Lasso, referring to this election day. “Sent a strong message: Ecuadorians believe in democracy, we believe in freedom”.

Lasso stressed that “today is a day of celebration. Democracy has triumphed and the Ecuadorians have chosen a new course that is very different from the last 14 years in Ecuador,” for which he thanked him “for being part of the Ecuador of the meeting is thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your president and serve you. “

“From May 24th, we will responsibly take on the challenge of changing the fate of our home country and achieving the Ecuador of opportunity and prosperity we long for for everyone,” the virtual winner promised.

Among other things, he thanked his colleague “now the elected Vice President of Ecuador” Alfredo Borrego as well as the former mayor of Guayaquil Jaime Nebod and the social-Christian party “who supported him in a political project in favor of Ecuador.

CNE President Diana Atamaint has reported that she will be attending a public hearing until Wednesday, when one hundred percent of the votes will be counted and the final result will be officially published.


For his part, Arauz has admitted defeat, indicating that it is time to have “an honest reflection, a real self-criticism” despite claiming that he won in his “minds and hearts” to “promote” real transformational politics “.

“Power wasn’t a whim for me, my only intention is to be a civil servant. I will continue to serve the people of Ecuador from whatever ditch we will serve our people by building programmatically with a depth of ideas and educate the next generations, “he added.

He has also promised that he will continue to work “to implement all my policies and proposals for the good of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian people”.

“They will find us ready to talk, talk and work,” he added, “while they will work to avoid it in anything that is against the benefit of the great majority.”

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who was initially Arauz’s runner-up and heavily influenced his campaign, has also accepted defeat, admitting that “we sincerely believed we would win, but our predictions were wrong,” to Lasso “luck “To wish for” his success will be that of Ecuador. I just ask him to stop legislation that is destroying lives and families. “


Some international leaders, like Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou, have already congratulated Lasso on his victory. “I have just spoken to Guillermo Lasso to congratulate him on his triumph and to work together on issues that our countries have in common,” the President wrote before the results were officially published.

The Chilean President Sebastián Piñera also congratulated the new president by phone, as indicated on his Twitter account. “Good luck Guillermo who is a great personal friend and great friend of Chile. He will have a great challenge moving Ecuador forward and improving the lives of the great Ecuadorian people,” he added.

Another regional leader who endorsed Lasso with the greetings was Colombian President Iván Duque, who stressed that both have spoken of “working together for the region” and “further strengthening our trade and security ties and the Andes” Integration for the benefit of our countries. “

“We congratulate the President-elect of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, and the Ecuadorian people on this democratic day,” added Paraguayan leader Mario Abdo Benítez.

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