Lack of sight? Fired employees after promoting his company on TikTok

After gaining viral success in mixing paints, the Sherwin-Williams brand accused him of “wasting property and facilities” and “seriously embarrassing the company.”

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  • Anthony Piloneso devised a complete marketing strategy for TikTok, but the company’s executives turned down the plan before they saw his presentation.
  • Although his views resulted in a free advertisement for the brand, the college student was charged with “inappropriate behavior” and dismissed.
Lack of sight? Fired employees after promoting his company on TikTok
Lack of sight? Fired employees after promoting his company on TikTok

Anyone would think that going viral on a social network like TikTok is good news, but not always. An employee of Sherwin-Williams, a paint maker, was fired after he succeeded on this social network because the company accused him of wasting the materials and records during work hours.

For three years, Anthony Piloneso combined his studies at the University of Ohio in the USA with a part-time job in a Sherwin Williams business. In December 2019, the student opened a TikTok account where he uploads videos showing him mixing pictures.


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Under the name @tonesterpaints (LINK: the account was very attractive. His videos add up to hundreds of thousands of views and have earned him almost 24 million “likes”. In addition, it has a fan base of more than 1.4 million.

After gaining fame at TikTok for a few months, Piloneso lost his job last July. He saw his project as a “marketing opportunity” to attract the youngest to the brand. However, Sherwin-Williams accused him of “wasting property and facilities” and “seriously embarrassing the company,” according to the documents cited by the portal. Buzz feed.

A few days ago, the former worker reported on his dismissal in a TikTok video. There he really enjoyed mixing colors and the positive feedback motivated him to take his idea to the next level. Anthony put together a presentation to show Sherwin-Williams marketing managers his plan, but they declined to see him.

Despite the rejection, the young man continued his popular videos until he was fired last July. The reason was “inappropriate behavior” when some consumers asked to put blueberries in their painting, as Piloneso did in one of his most watched videos.


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Speaking to Buzz Feed, Sherwin-Williams confirmed that it had decided to investigate Anthony for “customer concerns.” Ultimately, the company fired him “for multiple violations of company policies”.

Despite the bad experience, Piloneso didn’t give up. Some friends lent him their basement to use as a studio and to follow his passion: recording videos mixing colors and textures.

In fact, the university student is working on developing his own brand of paints, while his followers believe the company missed a great opportunity to attract young customers because they didn’t understand the benefits of TikTok.


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