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Lacalle Pou wins the presidential elections and puts an end to the hegemony of the Frente Amplio in Uruguay

November 28, 2019

The Uruguayan Conservative Presidential Candidate, Luis Lacalle Pou – REUTERS / MARIANA GREIF – Archive

Daniel Martínez, the official candidate, acknowledges his defeat at the polls


The center-right candidate, Luis Lacalle Pou, has won the presidential elections in Uruguay, according to the second scrutiny of the votes cast in the second round last Sunday, ending the fifteen years of leftist coalition government Broad front.

“My recognition and thanks to all the men and women who are defending the votes and democracy at each table these days. My thoughts are with you,” Lacalle Pou wrote on Twitter.

The results published on the same night of November 24 already gave victory to the leader of the National Party, but with just 20,000 votes of advantage over Martinez, which forced an exhaustive review of the ballots. The trend has become irreversible this Thursday in the second scrutiny, according to the Uruguayan newspaper 'El País'.

Daniel Martínez, presidential candidate of the Frente Amplio, has recognized his defeat in the same way. “The evolution of the scrutiny of the votes observed does not change the trend. Therefore, we greet the elected president Luis Lacalle Pou,” he said in the same social network.

Martínez thanked “from the heart” those who voted for him both on Sunday and on the first round of October 27. “We will continue to defend democracy with more force than ever,” he promised.

Lacalle Pou has managed to turn around the result of the first round, in which Martinez won with 39 percent to the other candidates, the conservative leader being the second most voted, with 28 percent.

Looking ahead to the ballot, Lacalle Pou wove an alliance with the other center-right parties, including Cabildo Open, a far-right formation led by General Guido Manini Ríos, with whom he will now form a “multicolored government.”

Surveys predicted that Lacalle Pou, of the National Party, would comfortably win the second round, although it has not been so easy, something that Martinez has highlighted these days putting in value his comeback.

Martínez has announced on Twitter that he will meet with Lacalle Pou on Friday to start talks about the transfer of power. The inauguration will be on March 1.

The Frente Amplio has ruled the South American nation for the past fifteen years, ten with Tabaré Vázquez – currently in office – and five with José Mujica. The message of change was the axis of the Lacalle Pou campaign.