Labor trends in Mexico in times of pandemic

Workplaces keep moving even though we are in the middle of a health emergency.

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  • In terms of loans and collections, the salaries of office managers reach 40,000 pesos.
  • There are more differences in salaries in marketing and communication.
Labor trends in Mexico in times of pandemic
Labor trends in Mexico in times of pandemic

The job search continues and the offers have not been discontinued in various areas. According to the index that generated Boomeran MexicoIn July, the average salary requested by applicants rose to 17,330 per month, a decrease of 0.3% per month, which is a decrease of 1.9% this year. It should be emphasized that only 26% of the applications for the main positions are women.

60% of the applications are made by men, only 40% by women. It is also observed that the participation of women decreases with increasing growth Seniority required for the position to be filled.

The required gender pay gap increases with seniority in the position. For example, men in junior positions require a salary 12% higher than that required by women. In the positions of boss / supervisor, the difference is 17 percent.

Age and experience

According to the online job exchange, applicants with no previous knowledge are between 18 and 24 years old. Applicants with junior experience have an average of 25 years and 2 years of experience. Semi-senior / senior experience applicants have between 26 and 38 years and 5 years average experience, and manager / supervisor applicants have between 30 and 51 years and 9 years experience.

Chief Supervisors salaries

In the positions of boss or supervisor, applicants in the field of credit and collections require a higher salary, which is 41,000 pesos. Likewise, the average salary required for managerial / supervisor positions is the one that increased the most over the last quarter at +3.4 percent.

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Salaries for semi-senior and senior positions

According to reports from Bumeran in July, the required salary for semi-senior and senior positions is between 16,690 and 22,240 pesos; In other words, the average need was 17,560 pesos.

Marketing and communications are the area with the greatest range of required salaries as they range from 9,500 to 36,000 pesos. While human resources show the lowest range with salaries between 12,958 pesos and 20,583 pesos.

In senior / semi-senior seniority, the product position (in marketing) registers a required average salary of 36,000 pesos, while an administrative assistant wants up to 8,750 pesos per month.

And the juniors …

The average salary required for junior positions was between 10,730 and 15,490 pesos per month. Junior civil engineering (architecture and various engineering specialties) searches are the ones that get the highest salary requirement at 20,000 pesos.

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