Kuwait allows women to register for military service

The Kuwaiti Defense Ministry has announced a campaign to enable women to undertake military service as special officers and non-commissioned officers after years limited to the civilian and medical fields.

“Kuwaiti women have demonstrated their accomplishments in various fields and as a result, women have been authorized to join the military corps with men,” Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Yaber al Alí al Sabá told the Kuwait Times.

Kuwait allows women to register for military service
Kuwait allows women to register for military service

The Minister added that this decision was made on the basis of the “responsibility of the Kuwaiti Army” to “protect the country and maintain its security” from external threats to the nation and to enable all citizens to enjoy the “honor of the Military service “to join”.

In addition, he has put his trust in the “ability, responsibility and will” of the country’s women to “endure the rigors of military service” and has predicted “success in the experience” because “they look forward to the service”. and protect his country “.

With this, the Ministry of Defense is opening up to women, due to their achievements in engineering and health, positions that were previously reserved exclusively for men.

Kuwait passed a law in 2005 that gave women the right to vote and to vote. In 2009, the Constitutional Court ruled that they have the right to obtain a passport without the prior consent of their parents, husbands or guardians.

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