Kusama is targeting Mars as its token price continues to rise

The start rally of the mainnet Speckle (DOT) saw that Many related projects generate parabolic revenues in August.

Polkadot’s pseudo test network, Kusama (KSM)was one of the most successful of the month, from less than $ 10 at the beginning of the month to an all-time high of $ 35 two days ago.

Less than six months ago KSM traded for just $ 1.50. Kusama is now the 62nd largest cryptoasset with a market cap of $ 253 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $ 34 million.

Kusama is targeting Mars as its token price continues to rise
Kusama is targeting Mars as its token price continues to rise

Comment on the strong result from KSM, Wilson withiam from Messari tweeted::

“The untested, experimental testnet that once served as a sandbox for Polkadot developers is now worth nearly $ 300 million.”

Withiam noted that the Web3 Foundation had previously stated that 1% of the TOD offering would be allocated to stakeholders and the Kusama community.This suggests that KSM may be “a future DOT claim”. However, the investigator notes that Kusama is currently being sold to a premium of 600% over 1% of DOT’s market capitalization.

“Most sane investors may find this irrational, even by crypto standards.”

After the recent Kusama hackathon The project started an ambitious project in partnership with Robonomics, a member of the Polkadot Ecosystem, To develop “an interplanetary architecture of the Kusama network” that can transfer data between Mars and Earth.

The project with the nickname “Kusama on Mars” (Kusama on Mars), will attempt to reduce the changing signal propagation time that results from the constant motion of the planets by building a parachute with “non-constant block time”.

The architecture could have a live blockchain platform on Mars communicating with other platforms on Earth. The project was informed about the activities of states on the moon and other celestial bodies through the agreement of the United Nations of 1979.

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