Konmari, 10 Tools to Organize Your Home or Office and Your Life!

Transforming your home or workplace into a clean and tidy space may be easier than you think, Marie Kondo, an expert organizer Japanese has become the guru of order in the world by a simple method; The key to keeping your items in the right place by keeping only what you really love and cleaning them all at once. This method promises to transform your space and make you more confident and motivated to create the life of your dreams.

Marie kondo He has been battling chaos since he was five and it is not uncommon to think that order creates wellbeing. This woman runs a very successful business in Tokyo where she helps her clients transform their homes into places of beauty, peace and inspiration. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Konmari, 10 Tools to Organize Your Home or Office and Your Life!
Konmari, 10 Tools to Organize Your Home or Office and Your Life!

“I order, so I exist” could be the motto of the Japanese Marie Kondo, who addresses the organization in her book as a form of therapy The magic of order.

Hasn’t it happened to you that entering a clean and tidy room makes you feel comfortable and energized to do more things than you imagined? Indeed, this woman assures that life begins after you put your rooms in order. But how do you start Here we leave you 10 keys to start a fantastic and tidy life in your home or office:

1. Assign a place to each thing

A location must be assigned to each object. Where are you going to put the objects with no room for anything when you are finished using them? Once you have chosen a place to put your belongings, you can keep your house in order. So decide where your things are going and when you have them ready, put them there.

2. First discard, then save

The storage space in your room is sufficient. The real problem is that we have so much more than we need or want. If you learn to choose your possessions correctly, you will only get what fits perfectly in the space you have. That is the real magic of the organization. It comes down to two tasks: removing things and deciding where to keep them. “There are only two tasks, but disposal must come first. Make sure you have completed the first task before starting the next, ”writes Kondo.

3. Storage: seek maximum simplicity

The secret of a tidy space is to find the maximum ease of storage so you can see how much you have at a glance. It is impossible to remember the existence of every object even if we simplify our storage methods: the simpler the better.

4. Do not scatter storage spaces

There are only two rules at this point: keep all objects of the same type in the same place and don’t redistribute space. There are only two ways to sort items: by object type and by person. Never mix and you will have the space you need to start a life of harmony. “If you reduce your possessions in that order, your work will flow surprisingly easily,” he says. “If you start with the simple things and move on to the harder ones, you can gradually improve your decision-making skills and then it will feel easy.”

5. Forget the “circulation schedule” and “frequency of use” and do it all at once

No need to complicate. Just set where you want to keep your belongings according to the design of your home and you will solve your storage problems. Keep all similar things in the same place or in very narrow places. When it comes to deciding what to keep, consult your heart. “Some believe this is a never-ending process and that you have to do it every day,” says Kondo. You shouldn’t do it little by little, and if you can, just the opposite of what other experts suggest, getting used to doing a little at a time. “If you organize a little every day, you’ll never get finished,” says Kondo.

6. Never stack things – vertical storage is key

When it comes to storage, vertical is best. If you have storage space that should be enough but not enough, try vertical storage. You will see that this solves most of the problems.

7. You don’t need any special items to store things

The world is full of very useful storage items. But you don’t have to buy partitions or anything like that. You can solve your storage problems with things you already have at home, such as: B. empty shoeboxes, as they get good marks on five important criteria: size, material, durability, usability and attractiveness. Use them to organize your little items!

8. Don’t underestimate the “noise” of written information

The words become static that fill the air. The tidier the house, the sparse the furniture, the stronger this information feels. First, remove the stamps from the storage items. By eliminating excess visual information that does not please you, you can make your space more specific and comfortable.

9. Appreciate your possessions

While we may not realize it, our possessions work really hard for us and they do their part to help us in our lives. Just as we like to come home and relax after a day at work, our things sigh with relief when they return to their rightful place. Treat them with appreciation and they will always respond to you. As the author puts it: “I don’t think there should be competition in our hearts between things and people. If we appreciate the objects that are important to us and treat them well, they not only last longer and give us more pleasure. We can also learn to be more friendly and generous with people. “

10. Keep things because you love them (not just because)

Many people live surrounded by things they don’t need, “just because”. Take out the little items and accessories that don’t make you happy and only keep the ones you love. Just that. “I think we should only surround ourselves with what brings us happiness. For some people it will be a lot of things. For others only a handful, ”says the author. “The key is figuring out what’s really fun, and it isn’t easy for most people. But it is the best way to make sure we live with what satisfies us. And in the right amount ”.

Now you can organize your home, office, or any room so that you have the life you dreamed of. Remember, treat objects almost like people and only keep the things that you are comfortable with.

With information from the book: The Magic of Order by Marie Kondo.

Would you like to learn more about the Konmari Method? Don’t miss the documentary Clean up with Marie Kondo from Netflix, premiering in Latin America this month!

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