KOIN is an NFT metaverse created with transmedia content

A metaverse loaded with NFTs is emerging on the Polygon blockchain network, combining play-to-earn modality and transmedia content. Koin is a creation of Wiper Labswho joined in the creation of metaverses that exist today.

Getting into the Metaverse is very simple, with the purchase of an NFT to use it in the different modes that the Metaverse brings, from a race to renting a circuit called Trackuarium, the place where the races take place.

The difference that this metaverse marks from other existing ones is the transmedia creation, as the developers have announced this through podcasts, web series, comics and multimedia content that make it possible to discover the story behind each species of fish that makes up the metaverse to develop and discover what creativity and imagination is part of the development of the platform.

KOIN is an NFT metaverse created with transmedia content
KOIN is an NFT metaverse created with transmedia content

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With that in mind, Braian Greno, CEO of Wiper Labs, has pointed this out “We are extremely excited to present a competitive game where we not only integrate NFTs to win prizes, but also build a universe of content through Transmedia that feeds value into the Koins ecosystem. Therefore, we present a further development of the so-called “play to earn”. At Koins, we invite users not only to play to win, but also to be part of a new experience that integrates collecting – with fish NFTs -, competition – with races – and imagination – with content. For this reason we propose that it is a game AND deserves, since the proposal is much broader and the goal is not just to get tokens as a prize.

The initiative aims to create a new era of the metaverse that will allow the game to be developed with a dual economy, Using one token for governance and another as a utility token, launching this quarter; where playing just to get a reward becomes an optional routine rather than the main routine.

How does it work?

As previously expected In order to be part of the metaverse, Koins must be acquired, which are collectible NFTs used to participate in the races that take place within the ecosystem in player-versus-player (PVP) mode.each race consists of 8 competing koins, only the first three of which can receive rewards.

Similar the metaverse allows you to collect different koins, and with them they can train, sign up for races, or rent them out to other players who don’t have their own koin. All these activities require tokens, which can be obtained in the races won by completing missions using the Metaverse. Registration incurs a cost, of which cost is a percentage.

One of the ways to keep making profits in the game is to buy Trackuarium blocks, which represent the track on which the race takes place and which, as the owner of the plot, generates a commission for using the track.

You can also generate income by collecting koinssince they can be trained, cared for and later sold on the market unlocked for this purpose.

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There will also be a scholarship system like that of Axie Infinity, with the peculiarity that within the marketplace there will be a ranking for the trainers and for the koins based on the achieved attributes and victories, which will affect the rental price. With the use of smart contracts, token redistribution can be done automatically without the need to manually track each NFT.

The tournaments that are developed in the metaverse will constantly evolve in conditions and rules to be part of the so-called guilds and then each guild will be able to face other guilds to get the rewards of the tournaments played .

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