Know the agenda of the event on crypto economy and finance

DecentralizAR 2020 takes place on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st July. a series of conferences organized by the Civil Association for the Development of Decentralized Ecosystems (NGO Bitcoin Argentina). This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish by this institution through a statement.

The initiative takes place in the context of a delicate economic scenario. and especially with exchange rate restrictions in Argentina. In this context, decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are presented as alternatives.

The 2020 decentralization will address the emergence and potential of key digital assets in circulation and open the debate for economists and participants to consider new ways of exchanging values. The meeting proposes to explore the universe of social and financial transformation opportunities that these technologies offer.

Agenda details

Know the agenda of the event on crypto economy and finance
Know the agenda of the event on crypto economy and finance

Below is the agenda for July 30th and 31st. The hours correspond to Argentina:


6:00 p.m. – Introduction to Bitcoin

18:30 – The evolution of money

18:50 – PANEL – cryptocurrencies for payments, collections and transfers

19:30 – PANEL – Main Activity – Economists are debating Bitcoin

Bitcoin vs. Traditional economic models. Panelists will discuss the pros and cons of the standard bitcoin scarcity and emission model.

Participants: Diana Mondino (UCEMA), Agustin Etchebarne (Director General Libertad y Progreso), Ivan Carrino (Deputy Director of the ESEADE Master of Economics and Politics). Moderated by: Gonzalo Blousson (phone number)


15:00 – Decentralization from the NGO Bitcoin Argentina

15:10 – How to train in the crypto world

15:30 – workshop on wallet types

15:50 – How to avoid falling for cryptocurrency fraud

16:10 – PANEL – How to buy cryptocurrencies in Argentina

16:50 – PANEL – Legal and accounting aspects in Argentina

17:20 – PANEL – Cryptocurrencies without volatility “stablecoins”

17:50 – PANEL – DEFI: Decentralized financing as an alternative

18:20 – Immediate and commission-free payments with crypto on your mobile phone

18:35 – PANEL – cryptocurrencies in your investment portfolios

18:30 – projection of the future value of Bitcoin

19:25 – Binance in LATAM: opportunities for the region

19:40 – PANEL – Main activity – The future of money Post-COVID19

As stated by the organization, COVID has urged everyone to digitize their practices. Nations cannot escape this reality, nor can their currencies. China, USA, Facebook, Fintech, corporations and countries launch their own cryptocurrencies to wage an unprecedented struggle. Dangers and threats are discussed.

Participants: Lucas Llach (economist and professor at Torcuato Di Tella University, former vice president of the Central Bank and Banco Nación), Gabriel Basaluzzo (director of the Bachelor of Finance at the University of San Andrés – PhD.Economics University of Pennsylvania), Victoria Giarrizzo (Economist, teacher and researcher at UBA. Director of Movida Argentina ONG, CERX), William K. Santiago (founder and CEO, C4 CBP at PrivKey LLC, blockchain strategist, cybersecurity), Alberto García-Lluis Valencia (strategic advisor) im Process of digital transformation of the financial sector, economic hackers)


DecentralizAR 2020 is an initiative aimed at entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors as well as entrepreneurs, professionals and the general public interested in business and technology. Participation is free and free of charge if you register in advance by entering here.

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